Good morning!

Late reports from last week

It was a busy weekend for me, with 3 SCVRs to write, in order to catch up, which I've done as follows;

Mon 14 Mar - 2 interesting companies dissected, TUNE & GOAL

Tue 15 Mar - mainly FCCN, but brief comments on: ZTF, PEG, SAT & BGO

Fri 18 Mar - RBN, IDEA & HCL (delisting)

Also, just to clarify, these reports are free. They're not part of the Stockopedia subscription. I work 52 weeks per year, as such the arrangement I have with Stockopedia is that I can take the occasional duvet day. So there will be a report here most days, but not every day. Duvet days are usually days where there's very little news of interest, as I check this on my iPad at 7am each day.

Furthermore, I don't commit to covering all companies - over 500 in my universe would be ridiculous for one person to cover comprehensively. So each day I select what look to me the most interesting results & trading updates, with a particular focus on profit warnings, and any other unexpectedly good or bad news. That's the stuff which is most interesting to investors, and where I can add value by untangling things. I'm not going to waste my, or your time writing a dreary article about in line results - that doesn't add any value at all.

If a report is late, then I catch up later. Sometimes reports will be finished by 1pm, when the email goes out, often they're not, and I carry on updating the article during the afternoon/evening. So it's always worth refreshing the page later in the day. I Tweet if an evening update is done.

You might feel that the above sounds unprofessional, but I've found it's the only way I can maintain a 52-week per year service on my own. You can't keep your foot to the floor permanently, or you'll burn out. Also, I'm a freelance writer, not an employee, so it's designed to be flexible.

I hope that clarifies things for anyone who required clarification - although most people seemed to have already worked it out & be perfectly happy.


I recorded another (very long!) investor interview over the weekend, with renowned investor/trader Richard Crow, that is also available free, on my ad-free website here.

I hope people find it interesting, I certainly did - Richard…

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