Good morning! What an interesting day yesterday, I saw five company presentations in total, and briefly comment as follows;

Pennant International (LON:PEN) - Met the CEO, Chris Snook, and had a quick whizz through what the company does (simulation software & equipment). Looks an interesting & reasonably priced company.

IMImobile (LON:IMO) - A recently floated company. I met the CEO, Jay Patel, and was very impressed with him - very much the type of CEO I like to back. It's not a sector I understand (complicated software to allow companies to communicate better with clients' mobile phones), and the valuation doesn't jump out at me as being value, but it's certainly a company I shall do some more research on, to better understand its prospects.

The following 3 companies presented at last night's EDIF;

Benchmark Holdings (LON:BMK) - a very interesting-sounding company, but I haven't got the slightest clue how to assess the company's prospects, nor how to value it. So it's in the too difficult/speculative tray for me.

Staffline (LON:STAF) - the shares have been a spectacular success, but my judgment on this share is completely tainted by the fact that I bought cheaply in 2012, but sold far too early. Hence I'm not interested in revisiting it after it's gone up so much. Probably fully valued for now, but still has impressive growth aspirations. I've got nagging ethical concerns about companies which facilitate a large section of the population living on low wages. We need to get back to companies giving people proper jobs, full time, on decent wages, not an army of agency workers being subsidised by the taxpayer (through working tax credits & housing benefit).

Manx Telecom (LON:MANX) - niche telecoms company that has been passed around by various owners, before ending up with its own recent IPO. The near-6% dividend yield is the (only?) attraction here. For me that's nullified by the pension deficit, too much debt (always the case with companies sold on by Private Equity), and that it operates in a regulated sector (telecoms).

Produce Investments (LON:PIL)

Share price: 285p
No. shares: 26.5m
Market Cap: £75.5m

This company is worth a look - it's a…

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