Yesterday was a fun day out at Mello South, as expected. I was too busy to attend the morning sessions, as I was preparing notes on Revolution Bars (LON:RBG) for my own presentation. But I was pleased to attend the afternoon sessions from Titon Holdings (LON:TON) and Non-Standard Finance (LON:NSF), and in particular very happy to hear the presentation by actuary, investor and author Guy Thomas.

Guy's book Free Capital was inspirational to many of us in the investor community. It had a big impact on me, too. It showed that a determined individual, if they put their mind to it, could succeed in the stock market. Furthermore, it showed that there was no single path to success. While successful investors may have certain traits in common, their "edge" tends to be unique to them.

Guy gave a strong presentation on a new topic: fund manager selection. This is more commonly discussed among professionals in wealth management than among the typical private investor who is interested in picking their own stocks. But in the field of finance it is a key issue, and one which has been relevant to my own career. So it was terrific to hear the considered thoughts of Guy Thomas on the matter.

Many other strong presentations were given - too many to mention them all here. Equally as important, however, was the chance to network and to put faces to names. Well done to all concerned.

Right, time for some stock analysis.

Due to the business of the week, I've not covered quite as many I hoped by now.

For today, I'd like to cover:

  • Record (LON:REC) - final results (I hold this one)

Stocks with news this week I haven't covered yet:

Quick personal note on my own portfolio: I've been nibbling up some more shares in Ranger Direct Lending Fund (LON:RDL). I've realised…

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