My initial impression is that the RNS feed is light today (quite normal for Fridays). There are updates from Onthemarket (LON:OTMP) and Hipgnosis Songs Fund (LON:SONG).

List for today (will evolve):

As per usual, I am happy to take requests and circle back to stories missed earlier in the week, on quiet days like this.

Timings: I'll be here until around 4pm.  Finished at 6pm.

Trade alert

I've sold all of my shares in PCF (LON:PCF), again to fund the house purchase.

My top five portfolio holdings now add up to 63% of total portfolio value.

This is quite high, I guess. But when you look at it from the point of view of my entire financial situation, I don't think I've become any riskier. All the shares I've sold are being converted into a lower-risk asset (home equity).

In fact, when you think about it that way, I am now taking less risk on a total basis, even if my shares portfolio is becoming very concentrated.

This is something I learned when I was taking financial exams: portfolio analysis for an individual needs to take all of their assets into account: home equity/mortgage, business assets, investment portfolio, etc.

And this is one of the reasons why giving financial advice is so difficult, and can't be done  on a cookie-cutter basis. Shares and funds which make sense for one person might not make any sense for another person, depending on their individual circumstances, and their ability and willingness to take risk.

For the record, my current top five holdings and their percentage weights are:

The shares which I sold out of are:

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