Good morning!

I'm a bit tired this morning, after a hectic week.

There have been plenty of RNS announcements here to keep me busy.

Apart from that, monitoring the fast-moving events at Tesla over the past few days has been as wearing as a part-time job, given the pace of news flow at that stock.

On Monday, the company released a nearly 4-hour video for Investor Autonomy Day.

Then on Wednesday night, it released detailed Q1 2019 financial results, along with the standard quarterly conference call. I listened to the call live.

Yesterday morning, after considering what I had just observed, I increased my position size first thing, when pre-market trading opened.

Something else that happened yesterday morning was that one of my tweets ended up getting retweeted by the #TSLAQ community and then later by Zero Hedge. This tweet is on its way to achieving 150,000 impressions.

Here it is:


When a tweet blows up, the constant stream of notifications is incredibly addictive. Given Elon Musk's addiction to Twitter, I'm sure he feels the same way!

My main point is that staying on top of the analysis, and managing the trade, while also keeping an eye on all of my long positions and the rest of my portfolio, and providing media content too, is a lot of work.

Elsewhere in the last few days, I also had to deal with a malicious GDPR request by an individual who was upset that the writers on my website weren't bullish about a company he is invested in. I resolved the issue as quickly as possible.

This is merely to give you a sense of what's going on behind the scenes. I'm creating financial models, reading company reports, browsing the internet for any additional information that might give me an edge, talking with customers, and handling the occasional malicious attack. There's a lot going on that doesn't get talked about, but it's all part of the large mosaic of information and experience that gets pulled together to form this report.

What's different about this report compared to pretty much everything you would read from the City, is that this report is written by real investors who are putting their money where their mouth is.

That makes the production of this report a lot messier than the content written by sell-side…

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