Good morning!

Let's see what's on the RNS feed today:

This includes a touch screen smart panel for remote monitoring of devices. It "has been designed specifically to address the needs of housing associations and private landlords".

I was concerned that the company was looking to head into overly speculative territory with its new product range, but this sounds promising. Shares up 4% as I type.

Its share price has taken a beating since the release of a fairly innocuous RNS last month. Weak short-term performance might also be playing a role.

The company affirms today that there has been no material change to cause this sell-off, and instead blames "near term portfolio rebalancing by select shareholders; low August stock market volumes generally; and, lack of liquidity preventing full market price discovery".

I estimate the discount to NAV to currently be c. 12%.

The impact on the company is as follows: production at the site is suspended and underlying operating profit is expected to be £10 million - £20 million below previous expectations. Shares are down 16%. The company's performance has always been very unpredictable and the shares should be on a cheap rating, in my view.

  • DP Eurasia NV (LON:DPEU) (I currently hold DPEU shares.) - no RNS, but the stock has collapsed anyway. It's down by 40% over the past two weeks, in sympathy with the Turkish Lira. The Lira dropped by 18% in a single day last Friday. 

President Erdogan of Turkey was reported to have said:

“If there is anyone who has dollars or gold under their pillows, they…

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