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Mello Trusts & Funds

The first thing I wanted to do this morning was bring your attention to a new Mello event, to be held this year on the day before the main event in London. Mello Investment Trusts & Funds will be of interest not just to those of you who invest in funds, but also perhaps to those of you who invest in the fund management companies themselves. For example, I will be there to hear speakers from Polar Capital Holdings (LON:POLR) and Impax Asset Management (LON:IPX).

It's on Wednesday May 15th at the Clayton Hotel in Chiswick - convenient for Mello 2019 attendees, who only need to arrive one day early to attend.

PI World Interview

I was recently interviewed by Tamzin Freeman at PI World. We started out by discussing the initial steps that people take on the road to being experienced/professional investors, before moving on to discuss some of the things I've learned along the way and how my own strategy has evolved.

The video was published this morning - here's the link.

Right, let's take a look at today's news:

McColl's Retail (LON:MCLS)

  • Share price: 56.8p (+12%)
  • No. of shares: 115 million
  • Market cap: £65 million

Final Results

McColl's Retail Group plc, the UK convenience retailer, ("McColl's" or "the Group") today announces its preliminary results for the 52 week period ended 25 November 2018, and a trading update for the 11 week period to 10 February 2019.

Strong share price reaction at McColl's today but we must remember that it's from a very low base - in the good times, it almost reached 300p (see my view when the share price was 280p). 

The 2014 IPO was at 191p, so IPO investors are sitting on a 70% loss over 5 years, before we account for dividends.

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