Good morning!

It feels like the mad January rush of updates has come to an end. Well done to Paul for his coverage of so many updates last week - a well deserved break for him now!

This list is final:

Utilitywise (LON:UTW)

  • Share price: 2.15p (-60%)
  • No. of shares: 78.5 million
  • Market cap: £2 million

Strategic Review and Formal Sale Process

The warnings from the bears were sufficient to keep me away from this over the past few years.

It confirms today that it has been unable to attract enough interest in an equity raise to convince its lending bank to extend its facility. So it is putting itself up for sale. The equity appears worthless.

I've just realised the similarities between this business and Yu (LON:YU.), another utility supplier for small businesses which has turned out to be a disaster for investors. It had massively overstated its profitability (it's been making losses, not profits).

Perhaps this is a sector (energy supply for businesses) which is just best avoided?

Opus Energy (a private company) was bought by Drax (LON:DRX) for £340 million, but it has a niche in sustainable energy which may help it to stand out from the crowd. Simply assisting businesses in sourcing and managing their energy doesn't seem to make for a great investment opportunity.

Minds Machines (LON:MMX)

  • Share price: 5.9p (+3.5%)
  • No. of shares: 925 million
  • Market cap: £55 million

Trading Update

This is one of the few "Sucker Stocks" that I find interesting. It helps that I know a little bit about alternative top level domains or TLDs (e.g. .vip or .investments).

This Wikipedia article includes references to Minds + Machines, so you can see which TLDs it owns. The company also presents the list on its own website.

It's easy to imagine that some of the TLDs in MMX's portfolio would be…

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