Good (Sunday) evening! It's Paul here, with a placeholder article, so that readers can post your comments here on Monday's results & trading update RNSs. We very much welcome reader comments, flagging up interesting company news, and giving your views.

Also, I had a good look at ATTRAQT (LON:ATQT) over the weekend here.

Remember that the focus here is on small caps (which we define (loosely) as market caps under £400m). We don't cover the following sectors: resources, property, blue sky, pharmas, REITS, investment trusts, etc.

See you in the morning!

Good (Monday) morning!

I'm not surprised that shares in $AMZN are marching on to new highs - completely detached from earnings, so PER has gone out of the window. Once you've signed up to Amazon Prime (which I did purely to watch Jeremy Clarkson's "Grand Tour" - which is superlative, if you like Top Gear), they've got you.

My mother yesterday lamented that Amazon doesn't pay any tax. I had to explain that's because it doesn't try to make any profit, and corporate taxes are levied on profits. Instead it's trying to kill off the competition, by eradicating their profits. How come it hasn't been nailed by competition watchdogs? Technology seems to move forward so quickly, that by the time regulators are galvanised into action, it's too late.

That got me thinking about reassuringly static technology, so my attention briefly focused on the humble bedside clock/radio. Many have tried to modernise the clock/radio, but nobody has succeeded. It remains pretty much exactly the same as when first invented in the late 1970s (from memory). There's a little wire hanging out of the back, which helps the radio find a signal. The reassuringly large, and over-geared thumbwheel, which can move from 96 right through to 108 on the FM band, with just a quarter turn, making tuning incredibly difficult. That marvellously large, and wobbly Snooze button, which you can press 10-20 times. Then of course, the smaller, less geared thumbwheel to adjust the volume of Radio 4, or Radio Luxemburg if you accidentally brushed against the unit.

The trouble is, my brain is so hard-wired to adjust the clock/radio, that I adjust it in my sleeep. So instead of moving it forward (or is it back?) by 1 hour over the weekend, to accommodate British Winter Time, I seem to…

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