Good morning, it's Paul here.

I have to be very quick today, due to Mello commitments. Apologies for that.

Pre-8am brief comments

Belvoir Lettings (LON:BLV)

Says it's delighted that Q1 has been robust.

Good growth stats announced from all 3 divisions.

Outlook for 2019;

Consequently, the Board is confident of meeting market expectations for the year ending December 2019.

I flagged it up here on 31 Jan 2019 as a bargain.

With a good Q1 under its belt, maybe full year forecasts might rise as 2019 progresses?


A small disposal has completed.

Current trading sounds bad;

Whilst current trading continues to be very challenging the group remains focused on reducing its cost base...

My opinion - too risky for me, now the original plan seems to have gone wrong.

Safestyle UK (LON:SFE)

Not a company that I'm interested in, whatever today's update says.

Looks like a profit warning, buried in a lot of waffle;

Despite the progress, margin improvement has been slower than expected, impacted by higher lead generation costs and the pace of recovery in improving the Group's operational effectiveness. Consequently, whilst the Board does expect turnover to remain broadly in line with current market expectations and continues to forecast a small profit for the full year, it does expect this profit to be below current market expectations.

There are a couple of superfluous "does" in that paragraph alone. 50p prize to anyone who can spot any more in the rest of the RNS!

Given the history, I wouldn't go anywhere near this share.

I can't see anything else interesting on the RNS so far today.

Someone did mention whether Plus500 (LON:PLUS) is worth looking at again? Not one for me, but with the crypto nonsense seemingly having another burst of activity, that could augur well for PLUS, perhaps?

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