Good morning! It's Paul here.

Both Graham and myself are busy preparing for various talks we're doing at the UK Investor Show this Saturday. I'm nervous, but excited, about the main stage slot I'm doing - I'll be interviewing Nigel Wray and veteran fund manager Paul Mumford.

Also, I (perhaps foolishly!) agreed to myself being interviewed by Tom Winnifrith. So I feel a bit like a lamb to the slaughter!

I think he wants to beat me up about Trakm8 Holdings (LON:TRAK) - although of course my bullish view on that stock in early to mid 2016 turned neutral/bearish once the company began issuing more negative updates in later 2016. I think it's probably over the worst now, and personally I went back into TRAK recently, in the 65p placing. The company has had a few mishaps, but it's got good & growing recurring revenues. So once the delays & problems associated with new product launches have been resolved, it might conceivably get back on track, who knows?

So I need to spend this afternoon, and most of tomorrow, getting up to speed with the facts, which I can hurl back at Mr Winnifrith. I'm trying to visualise myself as Margaret Thatcher, at the dispatch box. With Tom W being Neil Kinnock, or even better, Michael Foot, floundering in my wake, sinking under the weight of facts & figures being thrown at them!

Treatt (LON:TET)

Share price: 369p (up 3.4% today, at 10:48)
No. shares: 51.8m
Market cap: £191.1m

(at the time of writing, I hold a long position in this share)

Trading update - for H1, the 6 months ending tomorrow, 31 Mar 2017.

You might recall that this food & drink ingredients company issued a very strong update on 23 Feb 2017, which I reported on here. That report is worth revisiting, as I also included a couple of useful links to audio/video content which readers had found & passed on to me. On the back of all that positive information, I added this company to my personal portfolio.

What's interesting, is that companies which release very positive trading updates often continue rising in price in the days/weeks/months after the initial surge in price. Mark Minervini mentions this in one of the many nuggets of gold in his book, How To Trade Like a Stock…

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