Good evening!

It's Graham here, on the night shift.

Paul and I had a rather fun evening last night, with Ed and many of our investing friends. I must echo Ed's congratulations to David Stredder for another terrific event, filled with interesting talks and wonderful opportunities to network or simply have fun!

Thank you for all your support - many readers came up to say how much they appreciate our work. It really means a lot to us!

Last night's fun and games wound up for me in the Victoria Casino on Edgeware Road, which is owned by Rank (LON:RNK). I've been a member there since my last trip to London. Happily, I again managed not to lose any money in the poker room, despite several hours of play! The way I do it is by using an extremely boring strategy - perhaps there is a lesson in that for the stock market, too!

Anyway, the Victoria is a fantastic property and I must congratulate the staff on their professionalism in removing an older gentleman who tried to fight another player at my table, after some sharp words had been exchanged. Neither player was known to me, I might add!

In the end, I needed to buy breakfast before heading back to my hotel. That probably tells you enough about what a long day it turned out to be.

As a result, I can't promise that this particular report will meet our usual standards. It certainly won't meet normal rules of punctuality. But let's crack on and see what happened on the RNS feed on Thursday.

Provisional list:

Creightons (LON:CRL)

(Please note that I have a long position in CRL.)

Before I go to the news, I'd like to mention that Creightons (LON:CRL) seemed to make a big impression at Mello, and the share price has improved from 41p  a week ago to 46p today (it closed yesterday at 48p).

It provided stiff competition for me, as I was presenting on IFRS 16 at the exact same time as Creightons…

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