Good morning, it's Paul here!

I only have a brief window to write a report today, as I'm off to Reading, for an investor lunch. The same group of us have been meeting up 4 or 5 times per year, since about 2002. It's great fun. Forming your own network of like-minded individuals, is an important part of investing, in my view. I've learned so much from successful investors, there is always some terrific insight, or a brilliant stock idea, that I take away from every investor lunch.  Plus of course it's wonderful to knock back a G+T, and several glasses of wine, when I really should be working!

A few quick points first;

Yesterday's report

I wrote loads more shortish sections in the evening, so here is the compete report.

Contrary to what some muppet on advfn posted, I am not paid by page impressions, he just made that up. I just work better in the evenings, when the market is closed, and my brain is more agile, so sometimes I add more sections.

Non-specific anxiety

I read a very interesting article from a journalist who has given up drinking coffee. She said that drinking coffee, particularly in the morning, was causing her to feel generally anxious all day, for no particular reason. This struck a chord with me, as I feel exactly the same, and sometimes work myself up into such a lather, that the only option is to have a nap after lunch. Indeed, this is one of several reasons why I didn't suit the 9-5 routine, and gave up paid employment in 2002, at the age of 34. My version of 9-5 was to roll up between 11-noon, usually hungover, and then drive to Tesco's car park at 1pm for a nap in the car. The only reason I wasn't sacked was because my skill at controlling the cashflow made me indispensable.

So I'm going coffee-free this week, and am already feeling considerable benefits. So I recommend breaking the coffee addiction to readers. I also recommend working from home. Having a commute of about 3 seconds, to get from the bedroom to my office, is just so efficient. Although there are temptations from working at home, which I won't go into.

Keywords Studios (LON:KWS)

This company reported interims yesterday. I…

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