Top Oil & Gas stocks in Australasia

Producers, refiners and transporters of raw and refined oil and gas products.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
au flag iconLKOLakes Blue Energy NLAU$35.52mn/an/a
au flag iconAXPAXP EnergyAU$34.87m42.86n/a
au flag iconROGRed Sky EnergyAU$31.81mn/an/a
au flag iconNGYNuenergy GasAU$29.62mn/an/a
au flag iconPCLPancontinental Energy NLAU$28.62mn/an/a
au flag iconGGEGrand Gulf EnergyAU$25.02mn/an/a
au flag iconGRVGreenvale MiningAU$25.01mn/an/a
au flag iconMELMetgascoAU$22.32mn/an/a
au flag iconADXADX EnergyAU$21.42mn/an/a
au flag iconBTEBotala EnergyAU$20.43mn/an/a
au flag iconTEGTriangle Energy (Global)AU$18.15mn/an/a
au flag iconFDRFinder Energy HoldingsAU$16.54mn/an/a
au flag iconSYNSynergia EnergyAU$16.49mn/an/a
au flag iconTEETop End EnergyAU$16.36mn/an/a
au flag iconTMKTMK EnergyAU$15.76mn/an/a
au flag iconTOUTLOU EnergyAU$15.61mn/an/a
au flag iconLIOLion EnergyAU$15.34mn/an/a
au flag iconBMEBlack Mountain EnergyAU$14.79mn/an/a
au flag iconTDO3D OilAU$14.05mn/an/a
au flag iconHPRHigh Peak RoyaltiesAU$13.79mn/an/a