Top Diversified Trading & Distributing stocks in India

Wholesalers and distributors of multiple lines of mainly industrial goods.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
in flag iconADANIENTAdani EnterprisesIN₹3.49tn96.090.04%
in flag icon512229Veritas (India)IN₹30.72bn16.440%
in flag icon540980Yamuna SyndicateIN₹18.56bn14.940.66%
in flag iconSTCINDIAState Trading of IndiaIN₹11.24bn17.02n/a
in flag iconHEXATRADEXHexa TradexIN₹10.21bn11.42n/a
in flag iconKOTHARIPROKothari ProductsIN₹4.95bn15.52n/a
in flag icon531216Comfort IntechIN₹2.94bn17.36n/a
in flag icon526971Dhoot Industrial FinanceIN₹1.98bn1.340.48%
in flag icon513723HG IndustriesIN₹1.29bnn/an/a
in flag icon542046Vivid MercantileIN₹638.63m4.92n/a
in flag icon543274SuumayaIN₹103.34mn/an/a
in flag icon537524Viaan IndustriesIN₹0.52mn/an/a