Top Diversified Trading & Distributing stocks in Asia

Wholesalers and distributors of multiple lines of mainly industrial goods.

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
jp flag icon8058Mitsubishi¥10tn10.752.98%
jp flag icon8001Itochu¥9tn11.32.63%
jp flag icon8031Mitsui & Co¥8tn7.892.94%
in flag iconADANIENTAdani EnterprisesIN₹2.69tn99.10.05%
jp flag icon8002Marubeni¥4tn8.993.46%
jp flag icon8053Sumitomo¥4tn7.653.79%
jp flag icon8015Toyota Tsusho¥3tn9.012.81%
kr flag icon028260Samsung C&TKR₩19tn8.431.94%
kr flag icon047050Posco InternationalKR₩10tn12.51.79%
jp flag icon2768Sojitz¥735bn10.133.91%
jp flag icon8020Kanematsu¥175bn9.833.94%
hk flag icon2098Zall Smart CommerceHK$3.53bnn/an/a
kr flag icon011810STXKR₩476bnn/an/a
jp flag icon3176Sanyo Trading Co¥38bn7.073.25%
kr flag icon011760HyundaiKR₩224bn4.283.22%
jp flag icon8285Mitani Sangyo Co¥20bn12.622.74%
kr flag icon079430Hyundai Livart Furniture CoKR₩163bnn/an/a
in flag icon512229Veritas (India)IN₹9.89bn8.180.01%
in flag icon540980Yamuna SyndicateIN₹9.20bn7.711.09%
in flag iconHEXATRADEXHexa TradexIN₹7.96bn14.52n/a