Top Uranium stocks in North America

Extraction and primary processing of uranium. Includes companies engaged in mining Thorium, Polonium, Carnotite, Radium, Roscoelite, Tyuyamunite and Vanadium

Market Cap
Price to Earnings
Dividend Yield
ca flag iconALALX ResourcesCA$7.47mn/an/a
ca flag iconTRACTraction UraniumCA$6.77mn/an/a
ca flag iconTMCTrench MetalsCA$6.55mn/an/a
ca flag iconNSUNorth Shore UraniumCA$5.15mn/an/a
ca flag iconVRBVanadiumcorp ResourceCA$4.99mn/an/a
ca flag iconSRISparton ResourcesCA$4.90mn/an/a
ca flag iconRSHRush Rare MetalsCA$4.15mn/an/a
ca flag iconGCOMGreen Shift Commodities.CA$2.87mn/an/a
ca flag iconTCECTisdale Clean EnergyCA$2.52mn/an/a
ca flag iconAZRAzarga MetalsCA$0.91mn/an/a
ca flag iconVEC.HVanadian EnergyCA$0.63mn/an/a
ca flag iconLSD.HLightspeed DiscoveriesCA$0.42mn/an/a
us flag iconSRSIFStrateco Resources$0.00mn/an/a
us flag iconGPTCGolden Patriot$0.00mn/an/a
us flag iconXEPRFXemplar Energy$0.00mn/an/a
ca flag iconCUREBiocure Technologyn/an/an/a
ca flag iconUNO.HNorthern Uraniumn/an/an/a
ca flag iconURNMFirst Uranium Resourcesn/an/an/a
ca flag iconATOMAtomic Mineralsn/an/an/a
us flag iconDIAHDiamond Holdingsn/an/an/a