London Stock Exchange

LSE / LON - 3127 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Vinaland LON:VNL Vinaland Dividends
Vintana LON:VITA Vintana Dividends
Vipera LON:VIPA Vipera Dividends
Vipera LON:VIP Vipera Dividends
Virgin Money Holdings (uk) LON:VM. Virgin Money Holdings (uk) Dividends
Virgin Money Uk LON:VMUK 2,471 5.97 Virgin Money Uk Dividends
Virgin Wines Uk LON:VINO 110 19.0 Virgin Wines Uk Dividends
Vistry LON:VTY 2,570 8.16 Vistry Dividends
Vitec LON:VTC 665.9 18.3 Vitec Dividends
Vivo Energy LON:VVO 1,670 14.2 Vivo Energy Dividends
Vk LON:MAIL 2,638 17.7 Vk Dividends
Vodafone LON:VOD 30,503 12.2 Vodafone Dividends
Volex LON:VLX 565 17.3 Volex Dividends
Volga Gas LON:VGAA Volga Gas Dividends
Volga Gas LON:VGAS Volga Gas Dividends
Volkswagen Ag LON:0P6N 108,726 8.96 Volkswagen Ag Dividends
Volta Finance LON:VTA 196 6.16 Volta Finance Dividends
Volta Finance LON:VTAS 196 6.19 Volta Finance Dividends
Volution LON:FAN 1,044 22.8 Volution Dividends
Volvere LON:VLE 33.4 Volvere Dividends
Vordere LON:VOR Vordere Dividends
Vp LON:VP. 391.9 12.5 Vp Dividends
Vpc Specialty Lending Investments LON:VSL 262.1 Vpc Specialty Lending Investments Dividends
W Resources LON:WRES 6.65 W Resources Dividends
Wag Payment Solutions LON:WPS 793.6 22.1 Wag Payment Solutions Dividends
Walcom LON:WALG Walcom Dividends
Walker Crips LON:WCW 13.8 Walker Crips Dividends
Walsin Lihwa LON:WALS Walsin Lihwa Dividends
Walsin Lihwa LON:61HG Walsin Lihwa Dividends
Wameja LON:WJA 95.7 Wameja Dividends
Wandisco LON:WAND 181.9 Wandisco Dividends
Wandisco LON:WAN2 181.9 Wandisco Dividends
Warehouse Reit LON:WHR 718 24.9 Warehouse Reit Dividends
Warpaint London LON:W7L 130.5 23.9 Warpaint London Dividends
Watches Of Switzerland LON:WOSG 3,544 32.4 Watches Of Switzerland Dividends
Watchstone LON:WTG 19.1 Watchstone Dividends
Water Intelligence LON:WATR 168.6 43.3 Water Intelligence Dividends
Waterman LON:WTMA Waterman Dividends
Waterman LON:WTM Waterman Dividends
Watkin Jones LON:WJG 646.8 14.7 Watkin Jones Dividends
Weatherly International LON:WTI Weatherly International Dividends
Webis Holding LON:WEB 14.8 Webis Holding Dividends
Weir LON:WEIR 4,608 19.9 Weir Dividends
Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund LON:WKOF 730.4 Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Dividends
Wentworth Resources LON:WEN 36.2 8.40 Wentworth Resources Dividends
Westminster LON:WSG 10.1 1.78 Westminster Dividends
Westmount Energy LON:WTE 8.10 Westmount Energy Dividends
Wey Education LON:WEY Wey Education Dividends
Wh Ireland LON:WHI 30.8 Wh Ireland Dividends
Wh Smith LON:SMWH 1,856 27.6 Wh Smith Dividends
Wheaton Precious Metals LON:WPM 13,990 27.2 Wheaton Precious Metals Dividends
Whitbread LON:WTBN 5,971 Whitbread Dividends
Whitbread LON:WTBF 5,971 Whitbread Dividends
Whitbread LON:WTB 5,971 51.9 Whitbread Dividends
Wickes LON:WIX 625.2 9.84 Wickes Dividends
Wildcat Petroleum LON:WCAT 39.0 Wildcat Petroleum Dividends
William Hill LON:WMH William Hill Dividends
Wilmington LON:WIL 198.8 14.5 Wilmington Dividends
Wincanton LON:WIN 422.2 8.79 Wincanton Dividends
Windar Photonics LON:WPHO 10.4 8.53 Windar Photonics Dividends
Windward LON:WNWD Windward Dividends
Wisdom Marine Lines Co LON:WML 55.2 Wisdom Marine Lines Co Dividends
Wise LON:WISE 10,875 104.2 Wise Dividends
Wishbone Gold LON:WSBN 17.8 Wishbone Gold Dividends
Wistron LON:WIS 81.9 Wistron Dividends
Witan Investment Trust LON:WTAN 1,849 Witan Investment Trust Dividends
Wizz Air Holdings LON:WIZZ 4,593 46.0 Wizz Air Holdings Dividends
Wm Morrison Supermarkets P L C LON:MRW 6,930 19.3 Wm Morrison Supermarkets P L C Dividends
Wolf Minerals LON:WLFE Wolf Minerals Dividends
Woodbois LON:WBI 80.3 19.5 Woodbois Dividends
Works Co Uk LON:WRKS 34.3 7.49 Works Co Uk Dividends
Workspace LON:WKP 1,550 28.0 Workspace Dividends
World Trade Systems LON:WTS World Trade Systems Dividends
Worldlink LON:WGP Worldlink Dividends
Worldpay LON:WPG Worldpay Dividends
Worldpay Inc LON:WPY Worldpay Inc Dividends
Worldsec LON:WSL 2.13 Worldsec Dividends
Worldwide Healthcare Trust LON:WWH 2,329 Worldwide Healthcare Trust Dividends
Worsley Investors LON:WINV 9.95 Worsley Investors Dividends
Worthington LON:WRN Worthington Dividends
Wpp LON:WPP 12,721 12.9 Wpp Dividends
Ws Atkins LON:ATK Ws Atkins Dividends
Wyg LON:WYG Wyg Dividends
Wynnstay LON:WYN 111.6 14.0 Wynnstay Dividends
Wynnstay Properties LON:WSP 19.0 Wynnstay Properties Dividends
X5 Retail Nv LON:FIVE 5,820 11.1 X5 Retail Nv Dividends
X5 Retail Nv LON:89VS 5,820 X5 Retail Nv Dividends
Xaar LON:XAR 122.4 3,974 Xaar Dividends
Xeros Technology LON:XSG 28.4 Xeros Technology Dividends
Xlmedia LON:XLM 102.4 8.52 Xlmedia Dividends
Xp Factory LON:XPF 43.8 Xp Factory Dividends
Xp Power LON:XPP 1,016 25.1 Xp Power Dividends
Xpediator LON:XPD 68.0 10.7 Xpediator Dividends
Xplorer LON:XPL Xplorer Dividends
Xps Pensions LON:XPS 277 12.6 Xps Pensions Dividends
Xtract Resources LON:XTR 38.5 Xtract Resources Dividends
Yamana Gold Inc LON:AUY 2,932 13.9 Yamana Gold Inc Dividends
Yang Ming Marine Transport LON:YMT1 433.6 Yang Ming Marine Transport Dividends
Yang Ming Marine Transport LON:YMTD 433.6 Yang Ming Marine Transport Dividends
Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi As LON:YKBD 125.1 Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi As Dividends
Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi As LON:98KI Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi As Dividends
Yellow Cake LON:YCA 606.1 10.2 Yellow Cake Dividends
Yew Grove Reit LON:YEW 105.2 12.9 Yew Grove Reit Dividends
Yougov LON:YOU 1,728 57.3 Yougov Dividends
Young & Co's Brewery LON:YNGN 900.5 13.1 Young & Co's Brewery Dividends
Young & Co's Brewery LON:YNGA 900.5 24.9 Young & Co's Brewery Dividends
Yourgene Health LON:YGEN 85.8 56.7 Yourgene Health Dividends
Yu LON:YU. 37.5 2,326 Yu Dividends
Zaim Credit Systems LON:ZAIM 17.3 Zaim Credit Systems Dividends
Zamano LON:ZMNO Zamano Dividends
Zambeef Products LON:ZAM 22.9 3.32 Zambeef Products Dividends
Zanaga Iron Ore LON:ZIOC 12.0 Zanaga Iron Ore Dividends
Zccm Investments Holdings LON:ZCC Zccm Investments Holdings Dividends
Zegona Communications LON:ZEG 5.19 19.3 Zegona Communications Dividends
Zenith Bank LON:ZENB 1,389 2.95 Zenith Bank Dividends
Zenith Energy (ca) LON:ZEN 17.5 Zenith Energy (ca) Dividends
Zenova LON:ZED Zenova Dividends
Zephyr Energy LON:ZPHR 98.5 Zephyr Energy Dividends
Zhejiang Expressway Co LON:ZHEH 296.9 Zhejiang Expressway Co Dividends
Zinc Media LON:ZIN 12.2 Zinc Media Dividends
Zincox Resources LON:ZOX Zincox Resources Dividends
Zinnwald Lithium LON:ZNWD 48.6 Zinnwald Lithium Dividends
Zoltav Resources Inc LON:ZOL 31.9 Zoltav Resources Inc Dividends
Zoo Digital LON:ZOO 103.9 75.7 Zoo Digital Dividends
Zotefoams LON:ZTF 209.1 23.8 Zotefoams Dividends
Zpg LON:ZPG Zpg Dividends
Zytronic LON:ZYT 19.7 23.2 Zytronic Dividends
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