Altman Z-Score

The Altman Z-Score is a shorthand to describe the financial health of a company, and its likelihood of financial distress. If the Z Score is falling towards 1.8 then it may be a sell signal. Z1 is the Z-Score for manufacturing companies and this version is calculated using the latest available interim financials.

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The 5 highest Altman Z-Score Stocks in the Market

TickerNameAltman Z-ScoreStockRank™
LON:OFGOctopus Future Generations Vct16,321.8223
LON:PUALPuma Alpha VCT10,579.1013
LON:MACAMAC Alpha3,109.568
LON:GVCTGuinness Vct2,841.024
LON:SIGCSherborne Investors (Guernsey) C2,250.1147