Pension Deficit to Market Cap

This shows the ratio of a Pension Deficit to the Market Cap of the associated company. It is computed by dividing the Plan Deficit by the company's Market Cap. The Deficit is as of the most recent set of annual accounts and the Market Cap is the current Market Cap.

Stockopedia explains Pension Dfct / Mkt Cap

This metric is useful in determining how big a pension deficit (or surplus) is relative to the size of the sponsor company as a whole.

It does this by comparing the ratio of the pension deficit relative to the market capitalisation of the sponsor company. A company with a pension deficit that makes up a significant proportion of it's market cap is more likely to experience financial diffculty than one for which the pension deficit only makes up a small proportion of its market cap.

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The 5 highest Pension Dfct / Mkt Cap Stocks in the Market

TickerNamePension Dfct / Mkt CapStockRank™
SGX:5JSIndofood Agri Resources365,345.2%79
SGX:P8ZBumitama Agri10,872.3%100
SGX:5F7Wilton Resources5,493.3%5
EPA:VANTIVantiva SA464.9%42