Capital Expenditure CAGR

The Capital Expenditure 3 Year Compound Growth Rate, or CAGR, measures how quickly a company has been increasing its Capital Expenditure. It is measured as the percentage change in Book Value Per Share over a given time frame. This is measured as a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the past 3 years.

Stockopedia explains Capex CAGR

Capital Expenditure is funds used to acquire a long-term asset, e.g. buildings, factories, equipment.

High levels of Capital Expenditure can drive growth, but it is important to distinguish between maintenance Capital Expenditure (to keep the business going at its current level) and investments made to drive future growth.

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The 5 highest Capex CAGR Stocks in the Market

TickerNameCapex CAGRStockRank™
LON:LFILondon Finance & Investment-100.0069
LON:OPTIOptiBiotix Health-100.0031
LON:PCAPalace Capital-100.0071
LON:PNLPersonal Assets Trust-100.000
LON:SARSareum Holdings-100.002