FY2 EPS Estimate Upgrade

The 1 Month EPS Upgrade FY2 shows the percentage EPS upgrade of consensus broker forecasts for FY2 over the past month.

Stockopedia explains EPS Upgrade FY2

FY2 means the next forecast year after this one. If we are in March, it would usually be the year ended the December after next December. It does, however, depend when the company's year-end is, i.e. they do not always end in December (this is not the case with a rolling ratio which is normalised for different year-ends).

Research has shown that analysts forecasts have a tendency to trend. Analysts often get 'anchored' to their previous forecasts and only ratchet forecasts up or down cautiously in reaction to new events. You can read more about analyst momentum here.

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The 5 highest EPS Upgrade FY2 Stocks in the Market

TickerNameEPS Upgrade FY2StockRank™
NSQ:APEIAmerican Public Education2217.3997
ETR:ELBElumeo SE1100.0058