Long Term Average Free Cashflow to Assets

The Long Term Average Free Cash Flow to Assets, or FCF LT / Assets, is a measure of how effectively a company generates surplus Cash Flow from Revenues. It is the Average Free Cash Flow over the last 5 years, divided by Total Assets. This is measured on a TTM basis.

Stockopedia explains FCF LT / Assets

Similar to the Gross Profits to Assets ratio, this attempts to measure how efficiently a company generates cash flow with its assets.

A high ratio is indicative of a high quality company that is able to generate a lot of excess cash for a given £1 of assets invested. Ultimately, this cash can be used to fund cash returns to shareholder’s or it can be used to invest in new growth opportunities.

We use this as part of the Quality Rank.

Ranks: High to LowUnit: %Available in screenerAvailable as Table Column

The 5 highest FCF LT / Assets Stocks in the Market

TickerNameFCF LT / AssetsStockRank™
NYQ:BPTBP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust2,157.29%70
NYQ:PBTPermian Basin Royalty Trust809.58%45
NYQ:SBRSabine Royalty Trust577.71%65
NYQ:SJTSan Juan Basin Royalty Trust360.62%71
NYQ:NRTNorth European Oil Royalty Trust314.45%78