Net Debt

Net Debt is the sum of all Short Term Debt, Notes Payable, Long Term debt and Preferred Equity minus the total cash and equivalents and short term investments for the most recent reporting period.

Stockopedia explains Net Debt

Net debt is the level of debt remaining assuming all cash and equivalents were used to immediately pay off debt. Please note that a negative net debt number means more cash than debt (i.e. net cash).

Some industries may have more net debt than others; therefore, investors often compare a company's net debt to others in the same line of business. It is usually considered as a ratio versus the total assets of the company.

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The 5 highest Net Debt Stocks in the Market

TickerNameNet DebtStockRank™
KRX:024110Industrial Bank Of Korea199556599.0064
KRX:015760Korea Electric Power131000725.0043
KRX:105560KB Financial105911791.0093
KRX:086790Hana Financial92601795.0082
KRX:055550Shinhan Financial Co90127050.0079