No. of Broker Buy Recommendations

This is the Number of Buy Recommendations by analysts covering the stocks. A Buy Recommendation generally indicates that the analyst expect that the stock should significantly outperform versus other comparable stocks.

Stockopedia explains # Buy Recs

These recommendations should be taken with a pinch of salt. Due to the fact that many broking firms also provide corporate finance services to their clients, it has been shown that brokers are reluctant to put out 'sell' recommendations.

The majority of stocks analysed in the city are 'buys' or 'outperforms', and much research has indicated that stocks with a 'sell' rating actually outperform stocks with a 'buy' rating. This indicator is provided for reference only, but can sometimes be used as a useful contrarian signal.

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The 5 highest # Buy Recs Stocks in the Market

TickerName# Buy RecsStockRank™
HKG:2020Anta Sports Products22.0074
NSI:INDUSINDBKIndusind Bank22.0076
NSI:SBINState Bank Of India22.0029