No. of FY2 EPS Downgrades

The Number of One Month Downgrades shows the total count of Earnings Estimate Downgrades from brokers/analysts in the last month. It should be contrasted to EPS Downgrades.

Stockopedia explains No of Downgrades

While broker recommendations in and of themselves do not appear to be much of a signal given the inherent positive bias in them, changes in forecasts and, to a lesser extent, recommendations have been shown by academic research to be much more meaningful.

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The 5 highest No of Downgrades Stocks in the Market

TickerNameNo of DowngradesStockRank™
NSQ:MRVLMarvell Technology17.0053
NYQ:VEEVVeeva Systems16.0073
HKG:1995Cifi Ever Sunshine Services15.0061
NYQ:DELLDell Technologies13.0093
NSQ:STXSeagate Technology Holdings13.0065