Price to Cash

The Price to Cash Ratio attempts to value a share against the Cash it owns. It is the share price divided by the firm’s Cash. This figure is computed from the latest available interim accounts.

Stockopedia explains P / Cash

As with all of our Balance Sheet Ratios, this will be based on the latest financial statements (interim or annual) but it's always important to be aware of any post-balance sheet events that may have reduced the cash balance - an acquisition or a buyback, for example. The market may be pricing in something that has not been captured by the snapshot given in the latest financial statements.

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The 5 highest P / Cash Stocks in the Market

TickerNameP / CashStockRank™
LON:MTROMetro Bank Holdings0.148
LON:N91Ninety One0.196
LON:VANQVanquis Banking0.240
LON:ARBBArbuthnot Banking0.280