Price vs 10y High

The Price vs. 10 Year High indicator compares the current price to the highest price at which the stock has traded at in the last 10 years.

Stockopedia explains Price vs 10y High

Academic Research has shown that stocks close to their 52 week highs tend to outperform. This is apparently because investors use the 52- week high as an "anchor" against which they value stocks, thus they tend to be reluctant to buy a stock as it nears this point, regardless of new positive information.

As a result, investors under react when stock prices approach the 52-week high, and consequently, contrary to most investors' expectations, stocks near their 52-week highs tend to be systematically undervalued.

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The 5 highest Price vs 10y High Stocks in the Market

TickerNamePrice vs 10y HighStockRank™
ASX:ECLExcelsior Capital0.0095
BOM:531889Integrated Industries0.0048
BOM:512329Kintech Renewables0.0048
IST:SMART.ESmartiks Yazilim AS0.0086
IST:SNPAM.ESonmez Pamuklu Sanayii AS0.0041