Working Capital

Working Capital is calculated as Current Assets minus Current Liabilities. It is a measure of the Operating Liquidity available to a business.

Stockopedia explains Working Capital

It is worth noting that companies that do business on a cash basis (such as a grocery store) need very little working capital (it may even be negative such that the business is partly funded by its suppliers).

As always therefore, ensure to take into account industry differences when comparing balance sheet items.

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The 5 highest Working Capital Stocks in the Market

TickerNameWorking CapitalStockRank™
KRX:005930Samsung Electronics Co138384693.0088
KRX:005490Posco Holdings27424802.9677
KRX:005380Hyundai Motor Co24937005.0092
KRX:012330Hyundai Mobis Co14386513.0099
KRX:011200HMM Co12047091.0089