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REG - Leverage Shares PLC - Notice - change of Margin Loan Provider

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RNS Number : 9624M  Leverage Shares PLC  19 September 2023


Leverage Shares plc



19 September 2023




If you have recently sold or otherwise transferred your entire holding(s) of
ETP Securities referred to below, you should immediately forward this document
to the purchaser or transferee or to the stockbroker, bank or other agent
through whom the sale or transfer was effected for transmission to the
purchaser or transferee.


Notice to ETP Securityholders of the Series of ETP Securities listed in the
Schedule 1 hereto (the "Relevant Series")


Capitalised terms used, but not defined, in this notice shall have the meaning
given thereto in the Amended and Restated and Master Definitions Schedule in
relation to the Leverage Shares plc collateralised exchange traded securities
programme dated 4 May 2023.


The Issuer refers to a notice published by the Issuer on 5 May 2023 whereby
the Issuer advised of a change in the Margin Loan Provider from Interactive
Brokers LLC ("IB LLC") to Interactive Brokers Ireland Limited ("IB Ireland").
This change was instigated by IB LLC as a result of an internal
re-organization of the Interactive Brokers Group.


Following discussions with IB LLC and IB Ireland, it has now been decided to
migrate the Margin Accounts back to IB LLC with effect from today, 19
September 2023. The migration will facilitate operational efficiencies and
access to higher margin limits which the Issuer considers necessary to
facilitate the future growth of the Programme (the "Migration").


The Margin Accounts at Interactive Brokers LLC will be governed by the terms
of a New York Law governed Client Agreement. The Terms and Conditions which
govern the Relevant Series will be updated in due course to reflect the


If you have any queries arising from this notice, please contact us at i
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) n (mailto:info@leverageshares.com) f
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) o (mailto:info@leverageshares.com) @l
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) eve (mailto:info@leverageshares.com) r
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) agesha (mailto:info@leverageshares.com) r
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) e (mailto:info@leverageshares.com) s
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) . (mailto:info@leverageshares.com) c
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) o (mailto:info@leverageshares.com) m
(mailto:info@leverageshares.com) .



Yours sincerely


The Directors

Leverage Shares plc



 Series Name                                                                ISIN
 Buffettique Growth ETP                                                     XS2583354498
 Leverage Shares 5x Long TIPS Inflation Protected US Bond ETP Securities    XS2595670501
 Leverage Shares -5x Short TIPS Inflation Protected US Bond ETP Securities  XS2595671657
 Leverage Shares 5x Long 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETP Securities             XS2595671814
 Leverage Shares -5x Short 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETP Securities           XS2595671905
 Leverage Shares 5x Long 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETP Securities              XS2595672036
 Leverage Shares -5x Short 20+ Year Treasury Bond ETP Securities            XS2595672382
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Coinbase (COIN) ETP Securities                   XS2595672465
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Exxon (XOM) ETP Securities                         XS2595672549
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Exxon (XOM) ETP Securities                       XS2595672895
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Ferrari (RACE) ETP Securities                      XS2595673190
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Ferrari (RACE) ETP Securities                    XS2595673786
 Leverage Shares 3x Long India ETP Securities                               XS2595675302
 Leverage Shares -3x Short India ETP Securities                             XS2595675567
 LS Short Volatility Long Tech ETP                                          XS2595675641
 LS FAANG+ ETP                                                              XS2595675724
 Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETP                                                 XS2545629631
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Gold ETP Securities                                XS2472195101
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Gold ETP Securities                              XS2472195283
 Leverage Shares 2x Long WTI Oil ETP Securities                             XS2472195366
 Leverage Shares -2x Short WTI Oil ETP Securities                           XS2472195440
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Silver ETP Securities                              XS2472195952
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Silver ETP Securities                            XS2472196174
 Leverage Shares 3x Long South Korea ETP Securities                         XS2472196257
 Leverage Shares -3x Short South Korea ETP Securities                       XS2472196331
 Leverage Shares 3x Long China ETP Securities                               XS2472196414
 Leverage Shares -3x Short China ETP Securities                             XS2472196505
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Taiwan ETP Securities                              XS2472196687
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Taiwan ETP Securities                            XS2472196760
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Japan ETP Securities                               XS2472196844
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Japan ETP Securities                             XS2472196927
 Leverage Shares 3x Long US Tech 100 ETP Securities                         XS2472197065
 Leverage Shares 3x Long US 500 ETP Securities                              XS2472197149
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Germany 40 ETP Securities                          XS2472331995
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Germany 40 ETP Securities                        XS2472332290
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Coupang ETP Securities                             XS2472332530
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Coupang ETP Securities                           XS2472332613
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Xpeng ETP Securities                               XS2675718998
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Xpeng ETP Securities                             XS2472332886
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Siemens (SIE) ETP Securities                       XS2472333181
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Siemens (SIE) ETP Securities                     XS2472333264
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Mercedes Benz (MBG) ETP Securities                 XS2472333348
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Mercedes Benz (MBG) ETP Securities               XS2472333421
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Infineon (IFX) ETP Securities                      XS2472333694
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Infineon (IFX) ETP Securities                    XS2472333777
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Volkswagen (VW) ETP Securities                     XS2472333850
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Volkswagen (VW) ETP Securities                   XS2472333934
 Leverage Shares 3x Long ASML ETP Securities                                XS2472334072
 Leverage Shares -3x Short ASML ETP Securities                              XS2472334155
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Microsoft (MSFT) ETP Securities                  XS2472334239
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Amazon (AMZN) ETP Securities                     XS2472334312
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Facebook (META) ETP Securities                   XS2472334403
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Alibaba (BABA) ETP Securities                    XS2472334585
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Apple (AAPL) ETP Securities                      XS2472334742
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Alphabet (GOOG) ETP Securities                   XS2472335046
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Nvidia (NVDA) ETP Securities                     XS2472335129
 Kronos Strategy ETP                                                        XS2338070365
 Leverage Shares 5x Long US Tech 100 ETP Securities                         XS2399364152
 Leverage Shares -3x Short US Tech 100 ETP Securities                       XS2399364319
 Leverage Shares 5x Long US 500 ETP Securities                              XS2399364582
 Leverage Shares -3x Short US 500 ETP Securities                            XS2399364665
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Total World ETP Securities                         XS2399364822
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) ETP Securities          XS2399365043
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM) ETP Securities        XS2399365399
 Leverage Shares 3x Long NIO ETP Securities                                 XS2663694417
 Leverage Shares -3x Short NIO ETP Securities                               XS2399365555
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Moderna (MRNA) ETP Securities                      XS2675718725
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Moderna (MRNA) ETP Securities                    XS2399366108
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Airbus (AIR.PA) ETP Securities                     XS2399366280
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Airbus (AIR.PA) ETP Securities                   XS2399367171
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Coinbase (COIN) ETP Securities                     XS2399367254
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Semiconductors ETP Securities                      XS2399367502
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Semiconductors ETP Securities                    XS2399367684
 Leverage Shares 3x Long ARK Genomic Revolution ETP Securities              XS2399367767
 Leverage Shares -3x Short ARK Genomic Revolution ETP Securities            XS2399367841
 LS ARK Genomic Revolution Tracker ETP                                      XS2399368062
 Leverage Shares 3x Long ARK NextGen Internet ETP Securities                XS2675719293
 Leverage Shares -3x Short ARK NextGen Internet ETP Securities              XS2399368492
 LS ARK NextGen Internet Tracker ETP                                        XS2399368575
 Leverage Shares 3x Long ARK Innovation ETP Securities                      XS2663694847
 Leverage Shares -3x Short ARK Innovation ETP Securities                    XS2399368906
 LS ARK Innovation Tracker ETP                                              XS2399369037
 Leverage Shares 2x Long Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) ETP Securities          XS2399369110
 LS Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) Tracker ETP                                  XS2399369201
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Airlines ETP Securities                            XS2399369383
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Airlines ETP Securities                          XS2399369466
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Financials ETP Securities                          XS2399369540
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Financials ETP Securities                        XS2399369623
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Gold Miners ETP Securities                         XS2399369896
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Gold Miners ETP Securities                       XS2399369979
 Leverage Shares 3x Long China Tech ETP Securities                          XS2399370043
 Leverage Shares -3x Short China Tech ETP Securities                        XS2399370126
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Biotechnology ETP Securities                       XS2399370399
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Biotechnology ETP Securities                     XS2399370472
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Oil & Gas ETP Securities                           XS2399370555
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Oil & Gas ETP Securities                         XS2399370803
 Leverage Shares 3x Long Clean Energy ETP Securities                        XS2399371017
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Clean Energy ETP Securities                      XS2399371108
 Leverage Shares 3x Airbnb ETP Securities                                   XS2336344762
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Airbnb ETP Securities                            XS2336345223
 Leverage Shares 3x Plug Power ETP Securities                               XS2675718212
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Plug Power ETP Securities                        XS2336362079
 Leverage Shares 3x Disney ETP Securities                                   XS2335553801
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Disney ETP Securities                            XS2337085422
 Leverage Shares 3x Palantir ETP Securities                                 XS2663694680
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Palantir ETP Securities                          XS2337086669
 Leverage Shares 3x JD.Com ETP Securities                                   XS2675718642
 Leverage Shares -1x Short JD.Com ETP Securities                            XS2337087980
 Leverage Shares -3x Short Tesla ETP Securities                             XS2337090265
 Leverage Shares 3x Baidu ETP Securities                                    XS2337092808
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Baidu ETP Securities                             XS2337093525
 LS 1x Plug Power Tracker ETP                                               XS2337100759
 LS 1x Sea Tracker ETP                                                      XS2337094093
 LS 1x NIO Tracker ETP                                                      XS2337093871
 LS 1x Tesla Tracker ETP                                                    XS2337093798
 LS 1x Amazon Tracker ETP                                                   XS2337104231
 LS 1x Microsoft Tracker ETP                                                XS2337100320
 LS 1x Alphabet Tracker ETP                                                 XS2337100163
 LS 1x Facebook Tracker ETP                                                 XS2337100080
 LS 1x Apple Tracker ETP                                                    XS2337099563
 LS 1x Netflix Tracker ETP                                                  XS2337098839
 LS 1x Coinbase Tracker ETP                                                 XS2338070282
 Leverage Shares 3x AMD ETP Securities                                      XS2337090422
 Leverage Shares 3x Alibaba ETP Securities                                  XS2337090851
 Leverage Shares 3x UBER ETP Securities                                     XS2337092550
 Leverage Shares 3x Tesla ETP Securities                                    XS2297549128
 Leverage Shares -2x Short Tesla ETP Securities                             XS2297550134
 Leverage Shares 3x PayPal ETP Securities                                   XS2663695067
 Leverage Shares -1x Short PayPal ETP Securities                            XS2297550308
 Leverage Shares 3x Boeing ETP Securities                                   XS2297551371
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Boeing ETP Securities                            XS2297551454
 Leverage Shares 3x Square ETP Securities                                   XS2675718139
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Square ETP Securities                            XS2297552932
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Citigroup ETP Securities                         XS2297553070
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Goldman Sachs ETP Securities                     XS2297553153
 Leverage Shares -1x Short JPMorgan ETP Securities                          XS2297593456
 Leverage Shares 3x Royal Dutch Shell ETP Securities                        XS2297634318
 Leverage Shares -1x Short Royal Dutch Shell ETP Securities                 XS2297634409
 Leverage Shares 3x BP ETP Securities                                       XS2297636107
 Leverage Shares -1x Short BP ETP Securities                                XS2297636875
 Leverage Shares 3x Amazon ETP Securities                                   IE00BK5BZQ82
 Leverage Shares 3x NVIDIA ETP Securities                                   IE00BK5BZR99
 Leverage Shares 3x Apple ETP Securities                                    IE00BK5BZS07
 Leverage Shares 3x Salesforce.Com ETP Securities                           IE00BK5BZT14
 Leverage Shares 3x Microsoft ETP Securities                                IE00BK5BZV36
 Leverage Shares 3x Facebook ETP Securities                                 IE00BK5C1B80
 Leverage Shares 3x Netflix ETP Securities                                  XS2675739135
 Leverage Shares 3x Alphabet ETP Securities                                 IE00BK5BZX59
 Leverage Shares 2x Alibaba ETP Securities                                  IE00BK5C1C97
 Leverage Shares 2x Tesla ETP Securities                                    IE00BK5BZY66
 Leverage Shares 2x Micron Technology ETP Securities                        IE00BKT66K01
 Leverage Shares 2x Advanced Micro Devices ETP Securities                   IE00BKT6ZG93
 Leverage Shares -1x Tesla ETP Securities                                   IE00BKT6ZH01
 Leverage Shares -1x Micron Technology ETP Securities                       IE00BKT66P55
 Leverage Shares -1x Advanced Micro Devices ETP Securities                  IE00BKT66Q62
 Leverage Shares -1x Uber ETP Securities                                    IE00BKT66R79
 Leverage Shares -1x Amazon ETP Securities                                  IE00BKT66S86
 Leverage Shares -1x NVIDIA ETP Securities                                  IE00BKTW5674
 Leverage Shares -1x Apple ETP Securities                                   IE00BKTWZ451
 Leverage Shares -1x Salesforce.Com ETP Securities                          IE00BKTWZ568
 Leverage Shares -1x Microsoft ETP Securities                               IE00BKTW9M13
 Leverage Shares -1x Facebook ETP Securities                                IE00BKTWZ675
 Leverage Shares -1x Netflix ETP Securities                                 IE00BKTWZ782
 Leverage Shares -1x Alphabet ETP Securities                                IE00BKTW9N20
 Leverage Shares 2x Microsoft ETP Securities                                IE00BF03XY85
 Leverage Shares 2x Facebook ETP Securities                                 IE00BF03XP94
 Leverage Shares 2x Visa ETP Securities                                     IE00BD09ZV33
 Leverage Shares 2x Apple ETP Securities                                    IE00BF03XJ35
 Leverage Shares 2x Netflix ETP Securities                                  IE00BD09ZW40
 Leverage Shares 2x Amazon ETP Securities                                   IE00BF03XH11
 Leverage Shares 2x Citigroup ETP Securities                                IE00BF03XL56
 Leverage Shares 2x Goldman Sachs ETP Securities                            IE00BF03XR19
 Leverage Shares 2x JPMorgan ETP Securities                                 IE00BF03XW61
 Leverage Shares 2x Alphabet ETP Securities                                 IE00BF01VY89
 Leverage Shares 2x NVIDIA ETP Securities                                   IE00BD09ZX56


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