Top Singapore Stocks

A list of all Singapore stocks, sorted by Market Cap

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
DBS SGX:D05 32,315 12.0 DBS Dividends
Singapore Telecommunications SGX:Z74 24,379 16.4 Singapore Telecommunications Dividends
Oversea-Chinese Banking SGX:O39 23,597 11.1 Oversea-Chinese Banking Dividends
United Overseas Bank SGX:U11 20,847 11.7 United Overseas Bank Dividends
Jardine Strategic Holdings SGX:J37 20,012 8.14 Jardine Strategic Holdings Dividends
Wilmar International SGX:F34 14,665 14.6 Wilmar International Dividends
Jardine Matheson Holdings SGX:J36 13,117 11.1 Jardine Matheson Holdings Dividends
Thai Beverage PCL SGX:Y92 10,342 16.8 Thai Beverage PCL Dividends
Capitaland SGX:C31 9,070 12.8 Capitaland Dividends
Hongkong Land Holdings SGX:H78 7,895 9.59 Hongkong Land Holdings Dividends
Singapore Airlines SGX:C6L 7,271 Singapore Airlines Dividends
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:A17U 6,658 19.3 Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Keppel SGX:BN4 6,514 14.9 Keppel Dividends
Singapore Technologies Engineering SGX:S63 6,247 21.2 Singapore Technologies Engineering Dividends
Genting Singapore SGX:G13 5,684 28.7 Genting Singapore Dividends
Jardine Cycle & Carriage SGX:C07 5,293 11.3 Jardine Cycle & Carriage Dividends
Great Eastern Holdings SGX:G07 5,231 12.9 Great Eastern Holdings Dividends
Singapore Exchange SGX:S68 5,135 21.3 Singapore Exchange Dividends
Dairy Farm International Holdings SGX:D01 5,102 19.0 Dairy Farm International Holdings Dividends
City Developments SGX:C09 4,729 15.4 City Developments Dividends
Capitaland Mall Trust SGX:C38U 4,443 16.0 Capitaland Mall Trust Dividends
Mapletree Logistics Trust SGX:M44U 4,300 24.7 Mapletree Logistics Trust Dividends
CapitaLand Commercial Trust SGX:C61U 3,992 20.0 CapitaLand Commercial Trust Dividends
Mapletree Commercial Trust SGX:N2IU 3,989 20.6 Mapletree Commercial Trust Dividends
UOL SGX:U14 3,589 17.0 UOL Dividends
Mapletree Industrial Trust SGX:ME8U 3,439 21.0 Mapletree Industrial Trust Dividends
Venture SGX:V03 2,736 14.6 Venture Dividends
Olam International SGX:O32 2,697 8.67 Olam International Dividends
Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:T82U 2,559 20.3 Suntec Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Keppel DC REIT SGX:AJBU 2,300 27.8 Keppel DC REIT Dividends
Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings SGX:BS6 2,293 7.63 Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Holdings Dividends
Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust SGX:BUOU 2,284 16.4 Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust Dividends
NetLink NBN Trust SGX:CJLU 2,236 43.9 NetLink NBN Trust Dividends
Keppel REIT SGX:K71U 2,234 24.5 Keppel REIT Dividends
Frasers Property SGX:TQ5 2,227 10.0 Frasers Property Dividends
SATS SGX:S58 2,013 56.6 SATS Dividends
Comfortdelgro SGX:C52 1,993 18.5 Comfortdelgro Dividends
United Industrial SGX:U06 1,880 United Industrial Dividends
Ascott Residence Trust SGX:HMN 1,846 16.4 Ascott Residence Trust Dividends
Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust SGX:RW0U 1,795 14.5 Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust Dividends
Frasers Centrepoint Trust SGX:J69U 1,638 20.3 Frasers Centrepoint Trust Dividends
Sembcorp Industries SGX:U96 1,552 7.49 Sembcorp Industries Dividends
Keppel Infrastructure Trust SGX:A7RU 1,502 35.7 Keppel Infrastructure Trust Dividends
Mandarin Oriental International SGX:M04 1,454 44.1 Mandarin Oriental International Dividends
SIA Engineering SGX:S59 1,413 75.8 SIA Engineering Dividends
SPH REIT SGX:SK6U 1,403 17.1 SPH REIT Dividends
StarHub SGX:CC3 1,387 17.8 StarHub Dividends
Haw Par SGX:H02 1,369 Haw Par Dividends
Sheng Siong SGX:OV8 1,332 24.0 Sheng Siong Dividends
First Resources SGX:EB5 1,314 13.3 First Resources Dividends
Singapore Press Holdings SGX:T39 1,244 14.5 Singapore Press Holdings Dividends
Oue Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:TS0U 1,228 15.1 Oue Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Yanlord Land SGX:Z25 1,218 3.17 Yanlord Land Dividends
Fraser and Neave SGX:F99 1,211 Fraser and Neave Dividends
Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:C2PU 1,210 25.9 Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Golden Agri-Resources SGX:E5H 1,136 25.3 Golden Agri-Resources Dividends
Sri Trang Agro Industry PCL SGX:NC2 1,056 Sri Trang Agro Industry PCL Dividends
Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:CNNU 1,047 14.7 Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Singapore Post SGX:S08 1,035 19.3 Singapore Post Dividends
Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:BTOU 1,031 16.2 Manulife US Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Sembcorp Marine SGX:S51 1,009 Sembcorp Marine Dividends
GuocoLand SGX:F17 989.6 10.1 GuocoLand Dividends
Riverstone Holdings SGX:AP4 976.5 25.2 Riverstone Holdings Dividends
Raffles Medical SGX:BSL 955.7 31.7 Raffles Medical Dividends
CapitaLand Retail China Trust SGX:AU8U 951.5 15.4 CapitaLand Retail China Trust Dividends
Hotel Properties SGX:H15 944.9 Hotel Properties Dividends
Ascendas India Trust SGX:CY6U 944.3 16.7 Ascendas India Trust Dividends
Thomson Medical SGX:A50 871 Thomson Medical Dividends
Wing Tai Holdings SGX:W05 825.6 20.5 Wing Tai Holdings Dividends
ESR-REIT SGX:J91U 818.2 9.83 ESR-REIT Dividends
Ho Bee Land SGX:H13 808.6 Ho Bee Land Dividends
Hutchison Port Holdings Trust SGX:NS8U 795.4 11.6 Hutchison Port Holdings Trust Dividends
Japfa SGX:UD2 779.8 7.87 Japfa Dividends
CDL Hospitality Trusts SGX:J85 760.1 11.4 CDL Hospitality Trusts Dividends
Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:P40U 690.7 12.0 Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Prime US REIT SGX:OXMU 652.9 Prime US REIT Dividends
Perennial Real Estate Holdings SGX:40S 637.1 67.5 Perennial Real Estate Holdings Dividends
Oxley Holdings SGX:5UX 613.6 3.89 Oxley Holdings Dividends
Hong Leong Finance SGX:S41 613.3 Hong Leong Finance Dividends
OUE SGX:LJ3 604.2 12.8 OUE Dividends
Far East Hospitality Trust SGX:Q5T 602.3 19.5 Far East Hospitality Trust Dividends
Bukit Sembawang Estates SGX:B61 592.6 Bukit Sembawang Estates Dividends
China Aviation Oil (Singapore) SGX:G92 566.7 7.76 China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Dividends
SBS Transit SGX:S61 561.5 SBS Transit Dividends
UOB-Kay Hian Holdings SGX:U10 550.7 UOB-Kay Hian Holdings Dividends
Frasers Hospitality Trust SGX:ACV 545.6 14.8 Frasers Hospitality Trust Dividends
Sasseur Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:CRPU 541.3 12.4 Sasseur Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT SGX:CMOU 540.5 13.4 Keppel Pacific Oak US REIT Dividends
First Sponsor SGX:ADN 523.3 First Sponsor Dividends
Hi-P International SGX:H17 517 14.2 Hi-P International Dividends
Aem Holdings SGX:AWX 506.4 10.9 Aem Holdings Dividends
GL SGX:B16 489.5 GL Dividends
Lendlease Global Commercial REIT SGX:JYEU 474.9 Lendlease Global Commercial REIT Dividends
Bumitama Agri SGX:P8Z 468.8 10.1 Bumitama Agri Dividends
Pacific Century Regional Developments SGX:P15 458.7 Pacific Century Regional Developments Dividends
Vicom SGX:V01 447.1 Vicom Dividends
Sinarmas Land SGX:A26 435.1 Sinarmas Land Dividends
Fragrance SGX:F31 430.9 Fragrance Dividends
Hotel Grand Central SGX:H18 406.5 Hotel Grand Central Dividends
Silverlake Axis SGX:5CP 381.9 11.5 Silverlake Axis Dividends
Straits Trading SGX:S20 375.1 Straits Trading Dividends
Metro Holdings SGX:M01 371.5 Metro Holdings Dividends
Accordia Golf Trust SGX:ADQU 368.3 9.17 Accordia Golf Trust Dividends
China Everbright Water SGX:U9E 365.6 3.72 China Everbright Water Dividends
Gallant Venture SGX:5IG 354.3 Gallant Venture Dividends
ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust SGX:K2LU 353.4 9.85 ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust Dividends
Halcyon Agri SGX:5VJ 353.3 Halcyon Agri Dividends
Zheneng Jinjiang Environment Holding Co SGX:BWM 351 Zheneng Jinjiang Environment Holding Co Dividends
Yoma Strategic Holdings SGX:Z59 342.2 90.0 Yoma Strategic Holdings Dividends
SIIC Environment Holdings SGX:BHK 340 4.28 SIIC Environment Holdings Dividends
Ec World Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:BWCU 328.3 14.0 Ec World Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Elec & Eltek International SGX:E16 325 Elec & Eltek International Dividends
First Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:AW9U 323.6 8.88 First Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
Talkmed SGX:5G3 318.2 21.3 Talkmed Dividends
Dasin Retail Trust SGX:CEDU 309.5 Dasin Retail Trust Dividends
Soilbuild Business Space REIT SGX:SV3U 297.9 13.8 Soilbuild Business Space REIT Dividends
HRnetGroup SGX:CHZ 297.4 11.6 HRnetGroup Dividends
Yeo Hiap Seng SGX:Y03 286.6 Yeo Hiap Seng Dividends
Cosco Shipping International (Singapore) Co SGX:F83 286.2 56.3 Cosco Shipping International (Singapore) Co Dividends
UMS Holdings SGX:558 284.9 12.1 UMS Holdings Dividends
Hong Fok SGX:H30 276.8 Hong Fok Dividends
Delfi SGX:P34 270.8 14.7 Delfi Dividends
IREIT Global SGX:UD1U 270.1 IREIT Global Dividends
Hour Glass SGX:AGS 264.3 Hour Glass Dividends
Roxy-Pacific Holdings SGX:E8Z 262.9 Roxy-Pacific Holdings Dividends
QAF SGX:Q01 256.5 QAF Dividends
Far East Orchard SGX:O10 256.4 Far East Orchard Dividends
Straco SGX:S85 252.3 Straco Dividends
GSH SGX:BDX 250.3 GSH Dividends
Chip Eng Seng SGX:C29 248.9 Chip Eng Seng Dividends
Indofood Agri Resources SGX:5JS 245.8 8.41 Indofood Agri Resources Dividends
United Overseas Insurance SGX:U13 241.4 United Overseas Insurance Dividends
Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust SGX:D5IU 240.1 Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust Dividends
United Hampshire US REIT SGX:ODBU 235 United Hampshire US REIT Dividends
Golden Energy and Resources SGX:AUE 231.2 Golden Energy and Resources Dividends
Hong Leong Asia SGX:H22 229.4 Hong Leong Asia Dividends
Bund Center Investment SGX:BTE 224.1 Bund Center Investment Dividends
Sabana Shariah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust SGX:M1GU 218.3 Sabana Shariah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust Dividends
China Sunsine Chemical Holdings SGX:QES 215 6.51 China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Dividends
Q & M Dental (Singapore) SGX:QC7 214.2 Q & M Dental (Singapore) Dividends
Bonvests Holdings SGX:B28 212.1 Bonvests Holdings Dividends
Koufu SGX:VL6 211.1 15.4 Koufu Dividends
Sunpower SGX:5GD 204 5.97 Sunpower Dividends
Frencken SGX:E28 196.6 8.29 Frencken Dividends
ARA US Hospitality Trust SGX:XZL 193.7 ARA US Hospitality Trust Dividends
Centurion SGX:OU8 183.9 9.23 Centurion Dividends
Boustead Singapore SGX:F9D 181.3 11.0 Boustead Singapore Dividends
BRC Asia SGX:BEC 177.6 9.92 BRC Asia Dividends
Hiap Hoe SGX:5JK 175.1 Hiap Hoe Dividends
BHG Retail REIT SGX:BMGU 173.6 BHG Retail REIT Dividends
Aspial SGX:A30 172.8 Aspial Dividends
SingHaiyi SGX:5H0 171.3 SingHaiyi Dividends
Mewah International Inc SGX:MV4 170.5 Mewah International Inc Dividends
Hotel Royal SGX:H12 169.5 Hotel Royal Dividends
IFAST SGX:AIY 169.3 24.8 IFAST Dividends
Tuan Sing Holdings SGX:T24 168.4 Tuan Sing Holdings Dividends
Low Keng Huat (Singapore) SGX:F1E 167.9 Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Dividends
Food Empire Holdings SGX:F03 161.8 8.87 Food Empire Holdings Dividends
NSL SGX:N02 154.9 NSL Dividends
Moya Holdings Asia SGX:5WE 152.8 6.40 Moya Holdings Asia Dividends
GP Industries SGX:G20 151.2 GP Industries Dividends
Valuetronics Holdings SGX:BN2 147 9.33 Valuetronics Holdings Dividends
Kimly SGX:1D0 146.9 11.3 Kimly Dividends
CSE Global SGX:544 143.6 9.27 CSE Global Dividends
G. K. Goh Holdings SGX:G41 143 G. K. Goh Holdings Dividends
Rex International Holding SGX:5WH 141.3 6.63 Rex International Holding Dividends
Stamford Land SGX:H07 140.9 Stamford Land Dividends
Micro-Mechanics Holdings SGX:5DD 140.6 16.8 Micro-Mechanics Holdings Dividends
Boustead Projects SGX:AVM 135.9 8.56 Boustead Projects Dividends
Global Investments SGX:B73 135.8 Global Investments Dividends
Amara Holdings SGX:A34 133.9 12.0 Amara Holdings Dividends
Ying Li International Real Estate SGX:5DM 133.6 Ying Li International Real Estate Dividends
Asian Pay Television Trust SGX:S7OU 133.4 Asian Pay Television Trust Dividends
Creative Technology SGX:C76 130.7 Creative Technology Dividends
MM2 Asia SGX:1B0 128.8 MM2 Asia Dividends
Pan-United SGX:P52 125.4 Pan-United Dividends
Banyan Tree Holdings SGX:B58 121.6 Banyan Tree Holdings Dividends
Cortina Holdings SGX:C41 120.4 Cortina Holdings Dividends
Sunningdale Tech SGX:BHQ 116.6 12.3 Sunningdale Tech Dividends
Lian Beng SGX:L03 116.4 Lian Beng Dividends
Del Monte Pacific SGX:D03 115.9 Del Monte Pacific Dividends
Hwa Hong SGX:H19 114.9 Hwa Hong Dividends
PropNex SGX:OYY 114.5 10.2 PropNex Dividends
KSH Holdings SGX:ER0 112.9 2.76 KSH Holdings Dividends
Sing Investments & Finance SGX:S35 107.4 Sing Investments & Finance Dividends
Chuan Hup Holdings SGX:C33 105.4 Chuan Hup Holdings Dividends
Fu Yu SGX:F13 104.8 12.6 Fu Yu Dividends
Wee Hur Holdings SGX:E3B 101.8 Wee Hur Holdings Dividends
Singapore Reinsurance SGX:S49 101.4 Singapore Reinsurance Dividends
Oue Lippo Healthcare SGX:5WA 100.9 Oue Lippo Healthcare Dividends
Geo Energy Resources SGX:RE4 100.1 4.74 Geo Energy Resources Dividends
Civmec SGX:P9D 99.6 Civmec Dividends
JUMBO SGX:42R 96.4 30.8 JUMBO Dividends
ISEC Healthcare SGX:40T 95.3 ISEC Healthcare Dividends
IX Biopharma SGX:42C 94.0 IX Biopharma Dividends
JB Foods SGX:BEW 93.9 JB Foods Dividends
Challenger Technologies SGX:573 92.2 Challenger Technologies Dividends
Valuemax SGX:T6I 90.9 Valuemax Dividends
Hotung Investment Holdings SGX:BLS 85.9 Hotung Investment Holdings Dividends