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Image related to an article about Mizuho Financial

Why Mizuho Financial passes three vital dividend tests


In times of uncertainty, stocks with solid yields and track records of consistent and well-financed dividend growth are like gold dust. For investors right across the market-cap range, decent dividends are a pointer to potentially good...


Image related to an article about Evans Bancorp

Three reasons why the Evans Bancorp dividend looks solid


With tens of billions paid out in dividends across the stock market each year, it's no surprise that investors pay close attention to the payouts from shares like Evans Bancorp (ASQ:EVBN). Regular cash payments are a powerful boost to...


Image related to an article about Elkem ASA

Why quality and momentum could be key drivers for Elkem ASA

Basic Materials

An important question for mid-cap investors right now is how the ongoing uncertainty about the recovery in the broader economy will affect the share prices of companies like Elkem ASA. Elkem ASA shares are currently trading at NOK29.1....


Image related to an article about InteliWISE SA

InteliWISE SA share price hits a new 52 week high


Shares in InteliWISE SA (WAR:ITL) are currently trading close to a 52 week high, with the share price up by around 0.51% to PLN3.99 over the past week. On a one-month basis, the InteliWISE SA price has risen by 9.34%. For investors hol...


Image related to an article about Diploma

Are analysts backing shares in Diploma?


Almost every industry sector is coming under pressure from economic uncertainty. For investors, that means there are questions about which way large-cap stocks like Diploma (LON:DPLM) will move over the near term. Diploma is one of jus...


Image related to an article about Banca Transilvania SA

How secure is the Banca Transilvania SA dividend?


There is great comfort to be found in regular, reliable dividend payouts – especially in times of economic uncertainty. But finding shares that can pay them isn't easy. High yields may seem tempting, but they can also be the early warn...


Image related to an article about BASF SE

Is the BASF SE share price too low?

Basic Materials

Good shares at cheap prices are what the very best investors look for. At this time of economic turmoil, could BASF SE (ETR:BAS) be one of them? When it comes to the proven drivers of stock market profits, "good" and "cheap" is seen by...


Image related to an article about ICICI Bank

Shares in ICICI Bank - here is the consensus view


Broker recommendations can be a useful early clue when it comes to finding stocks to buy. But even company analysts can get things wrong, which means that when it comes to listening to these experts, it pays to explore the big picture....


Image related to an article about Steel Strips Wheels

Can Steel Strips Wheels resist market uncertainty?

Consumer Cyclicals

Some stocks are better placed than others to withstand the economic turmoil - but is Steel Strips Wheels (NSI:SSWL) one of them? To understand why different shares respond to uncertainty in different ways, it pays to look at their stre...


Image related to an article about Stora Enso Oyj

Where next for the Stora Enso Oyj share price?

Basic Materials

Shares in Stora Enso Oyj (HEL:STERV) are currently trading at €15.5 but a key question for investors is how economic uncertainty might affect the price in the months to come. The answer comes down to judging whether Stora Enso Oyj is w...


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