Good morning!

A very busy morning in RNS-land, with a lot of "small" updates, including 3 relating to my own portfolio holdings.

This list is final:


It's that time of the year for me to take my main holiday, so I'll be jetting off to Italy soon and you'll be in Paul's capable hands again for a while!

That's not investment-related, but perhaps of more interest is my research into the Tablet market. The only one that I have ever owned is an iPad from about 2012, possibly the iPad 3. It barely works any more (though perhaps I should be glad that it works at all, due to its age!)

I've been looking at some of the models currently for sale, with a view to finding one that I can bring to Italy. It's for light work purposes - I need to log in occasionally while I'm away to do a few small tasks, which should only take a few minutes. What I'd like to do is leave my laptop at home more often, and just bring a tablet instead.

It's easy to forget about the tablet market, since phone screens have become so big in recent years that the need for a mid-size device has diminished. But there is still a market for multi-functional devices with a screen size of 7"-12".

Anyway, despite being a huge fan of Apple ($APPL) when it comes to phones, there is actually no chance of me buying an Apple tablet. The choices available from Samsung, Huawei and Lenovo seem to be more than sufficient, and at very attractive price points. There's also the interesting possibility of the Amazon Fire HD 10. Or if I was going for a more expensive, heavy-duty device, I'd be inclined to go for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

This is a long-winded way of saying that I'm contributing to the trend whereby iPad sales were stronger…

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