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Good morning it's Paul here.

I'm multi-tasking this week, being a NED for a small restaurant/pub chain in which I invested - setting budgets, KPIs, reviewing accounting procedures, etc. So my apologies, but the SCVRs will have to be a little briefer than usual.

Interquest (LON:ITQ)

I was asked the other day to nominate the small company which seems to worst treat its outside shareholders. Interquest was the obvious choice. Our archive here contains the details of shareholder value destruction by management who seem incompetent, and not to be trusted. They seem hell-bent on taking the company private by whatever means they can, after their lowball takeover bid was not accepted by enough shareholders to push it through. Then they sacked their NOMAD, and took so long to find another one that the shares were suspended.

Today's latest wheeze is that they're trying to dilute existing shareholders, presumably to make it easier for them to have another go at taking it private. Or it might be in order to raise monies for an acquisition possibly?

The purpose of the meeting is to extend the director's authority to allot shares from one third of the issued share capital of the Company as currently authorised pursuant to the Annual General Meeting held on 23 May 2017 to 75 per cent. of the current issued share capital of the Company.

The purpose of which is to authorise the directors so that they may have flexibility to issue shares in the case that these are required as part of any future acquisitions or other dealings.

Clearly the last thing outside shareholders would want, is to give authority to issue shares to Directors who have repeatedly acted against the interests of minority shareholders (something which can actually be challenged in court).

Anyway, it's an awful company, with awful Directors. I have little doubt that they will succeed with their grubby plans to take the company private. I've made a mental note never to invest in anything these people bring to the stock market in future. Leopards don't change their spots.

Trifast (LON:TRI)

Share price: 238.25p (down 3.9% today)
No. shares:…

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