Good evening/morning, it's Paul here.

I'll start off doing a write-up of the Capital Markets Day which I attended last week, held by Cloudcall (LON:CALL)  (in which I hold a long position), hosted by its PR company.

Then we can move on to the usual review of Tuesday's results/trading updates on the RNS.

~This section written on Monday evening ~

Cloudcall (LON:CALL)

Share price: 99p
No. shares: 24.2m
Market cap: £24.0m

(at the time of writing, I hold a long position in this share)

Capital Markets Day & Trading update

I reported on the recent (15 Jan 2019) positive trading update here.

I'm a long-standing CALL shareholder (4-5 years, maybe? I can't remember exactly, as I invest in so many companies, and my interest can wax & wane during that sort of timescale, depending on the newsflow & financial results).

After years of decent top line growth, but rather disappointing overall performance (missed profit forecasts, and repeated fundraisings), I think there is now clear evidence that the company is coming good.

What does CloudCall do?

It's a SaaS software company, whose product is an add-on for CRM software. The add-on provides integrated cloud telephony (recorded phone calls, and SMS messages). The best example is for the recruitment sector, where every telephone call to & from candidates & clients is automatically recorded, with the audio then filed within the CRM system, for easy review & recall, and emailing audio to clients.

CALL's largest CRM partner is Bullhorn, a global recruitment sector CRM software provider. About a third of CALL's business comes from Bullhorn, and there is growing penetration of Bullhorn's customer base, internationally.

The service is relatively cheap (typically about £30-40 p.m., per user) and also provides cheap telephone call charges. There's no doubt the product is great (I have used it myself), and demand is strong. It's also fair to say that CALL has been learning how to sell its service, as it goes along. Its initial scatter gun approach to customer acquisition a few years ago, has since developed into a much more effective, structured process, through partner software companies.

Capital Markets Day

It started at 12:30 on 17 Jan 2019.  I was predictably 15 mins late, so stood at the…

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