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STOP PRESS: please see the extra bits added to the NWF (LON:NWF) section below, after talking to a company adviser, and a link to . All good stuff - I welcome helpful input from everyone - investing is a team sport!


This continues to wreak havoc. What on earth were the regulators thinking, to expend so much time & energy in creating the c.1.5 million paragraphs of regulations in MiFID II, fixing problems that were of so little consequence that they didn't really matter in the first place!

I think the whole thing should just be repealed as soon as possible, and the regulators should all be fired. Let's get some people in who actually know what they're doing, and want to help, rather than impede the investment sector. We didn't cause the financial crisis, the banks did. So I suggest that's where regulation should be focusing.

I lost my access to Peel Hunt research yesterday, which I'm absolutely gutted about - as it's superb quality, and helps me a great deal, both in understanding companies, and also in valuing them using sensible forecasts. I'd happily pay £500 p.a. for access to Peel Hunt research. Unfortunately though, I think they want £10k+ p.a., according to my broker, who politely declined their offer. That sort of figure is not realistic for private investors, as it would represent too large a percentage of our portfolios. Whereas a fund manager with say £1bn under management, can justify those sort of charges. I do hope a solution is found. The financial world tends to be full of people with creative minds, who are good at findings ways around problems. So I live in hope that my access to research won't dry up completely.

I just don't understand how it is that regulators can be seemingly so detached from reality, that they introduce all this nonsensical regulatory burden. Regulators have long impeded private investors, by restricting our access to research. The latest restrictions on dissemination of research have simply harmed the interests of private investors, by shutting down our access to important information about companies from research houses. Whilst the fund managers in the City now have privileged access to that research. How is that fair? Once again, the little people are stitched up by what appears to be a…

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