London Stock Exchange

LSE / LON - 2321 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
Nmbz Holdings LON:47UY Nmbz Holdings Dividends
Nmbz Holdings LON:NMB Nmbz Holdings Dividends
Nmbz Holdings LON:NMBA Nmbz Holdings Dividends
Non-Standard Finance LON:NSF 7.73 Non-Standard Finance Dividends
Norcros LON:NXR 190.3 6.45 Norcros Dividends
Norman Broadbent LON:NBB 3.80 Norman Broadbent Dividends
Norsk Hydro ASA LON:0Q11 12,628 6.69 Norsk Hydro ASA Dividends
North American Income Trust LON:NAIT 420.7 North American Income Trust Dividends
North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust LON:NAS 517.8 North Atlantic Smaller Companies Investment Trust Dividends
Northamber LON:NAR 14.3 Northamber Dividends
Northbridge Industrial Services LON:NBI 54.8 15.4 Northbridge Industrial Services Dividends
Northcoders LON:CODE 16.3 11.5 Northcoders Dividends
Northern 2 VCT LON:NTV 115.9 Northern 2 VCT Dividends
Northern 3 VCT LON:NTN 118.9 Northern 3 VCT Dividends
Northern Bear LON:NTBR 11.4 Northern Bear Dividends
Northern Venture Trust LON:NVT 106.1 Northern Venture Trust Dividends
Nostra Terra Oil and Gas LON:NTOG 4.61 Nostra Terra Oil and Gas Dividends
Nostrum Oil & Gas LON:NOG 13.8 Nostrum Oil & Gas Dividends
Nova Ljubljanska Banka dd Ljubljana LON:NLB 1,112 Nova Ljubljanska Banka dd Ljubljana Dividends
Novacyt SA LON:NCYT 102.7 1.78 Novacyt SA Dividends
Novatek PAO LON:NVTK 155 0.052 Novatek PAO Dividends
Novolipetsk Steel PAO LON:NLMK 150.8 Novolipetsk Steel PAO Dividends
Novolipetsk Steel Pao LON:NLMA Novolipetsk Steel Pao Dividends
Novorossiyskiy morskoy torgovyi port PAO LON:NCSP 1,393 Novorossiyskiy morskoy torgovyi port PAO Dividends
Novorossiyskiy Morskoy Torgovyi Port Pao LON:71FG Novorossiyskiy Morskoy Torgovyi Port Pao Dividends
Nucleus Financial LON:NUCA Nucleus Financial Dividends
Nuformix LON:NFX 6.06 Nuformix Dividends
Numis LON:NUM 269.2 Numis Dividends
NWF LON:NWF 106.6 11.8 NWF Dividends
O'key Sa LON:61HD 127.6 O'key Sa Dividends
O'Key SA LON:OKEY 127.6 8.80 O'Key SA Dividends
Oakley Capital Investments LON:OCI 709.7 3.80 Oakley Capital Investments Dividends
Ocado LON:OCDO 5,787 Ocado Dividends
Ocean Outdoor LON:OOUT 425 19.7 Ocean Outdoor Dividends
Ocean Wilsons Holdings LON:OCN 330.6 8.43 Ocean Wilsons Holdings Dividends
Octopus AIM VCT LON:OOA 145.6 Octopus AIM VCT Dividends
Octopus Aim VCT 2 LON:OSEC 100.5 Octopus Aim VCT 2 Dividends
Octopus Apollo VCT LON:OAP3 241.7 Octopus Apollo VCT Dividends
Octopus Future Generations Vct LON:OFG Octopus Future Generations Vct Dividends
Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust LON:ORIT 632.7 Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust Dividends
Octopus Titan VCT LON:OTV2 1,238 Octopus Titan VCT Dividends
Odyssean Investment Trust LON:OIT 149.2 Odyssean Investment Trust Dividends
Oil And Gas Development Co LON:37OC Oil And Gas Development Co Dividends
Oil and Gas Development Co LON:OGDC 1,712 Oil and Gas Development Co Dividends
Oilex LON:OEX 10.6 Oilex Dividends
OKYO Pharma LON:OKYO 42.6 OKYO Pharma Dividends
Old Mutual LON:OMU 2,823 6.42 Old Mutual Dividends
Omega Diagnostics LON:ODX 12.3 Omega Diagnostics Dividends
Omv Petrom Sa LON:PETR Omv Petrom Sa Dividends
OMV Petrom SA LON:PETB 4,368 4.87 OMV Petrom SA Dividends
On Beach group LON:OTB 340.1 14.5 On Beach group Dividends
Oncimmune Holdings LON:ONC 62.8 34.8 Oncimmune Holdings Dividends
Ondine Biomedical LON:OBI 8.21 Ondine Biomedical Dividends
Ondo InsurTech LON:ONDO 5.96 Ondo InsurTech Dividends
One Heritage LON:OHG One Heritage Dividends
One Media IP LON:OMIP 18.6 23.4 One Media IP Dividends
Online Blockchain LON:OBC 3.51 Online Blockchain Dividends
OnTheMarket LON:OTMP 60.4 12.9 OnTheMarket Dividends
Open Orphan LON:ORPH 88.9 17.6 Open Orphan Dividends
OPG Power Ventures LON:OPG 27.7 OPG Power Ventures Dividends
OptiBiotix Health LON:OPTI 22.0 OptiBiotix Health Dividends
Oracle Power LON:ORCP 9.01 Oracle Power Dividends
Orascom Investment Holding SAE LON:OIH 45.8 Orascom Investment Holding SAE Dividends
Orcadian Energy LON:ORCA 26.1 Orcadian Energy Dividends
Orchard Funding LON:ORCH 11.0 8.42 Orchard Funding Dividends
Orient Telecoms LON:ORNT 2.50 Orient Telecoms Dividends
Origin Enterprises LON:OGN 446.4 8.99 Origin Enterprises Dividends
Origo Partners LON:OPP 0.27 Origo Partners Dividends
Oriole Resources LON:ORR 4.89 Oriole Resources Dividends
Ormonde Mining LON:ORM 3.21 Ormonde Mining Dividends
Orosur Mining LON:OMI 17.0 Orosur Mining Dividends
Oryx International Growth Fund LON:OIG 181.3 Oryx International Growth Fund Dividends
Osb LON:OSB 2,302 5.97 Osb Dividends
Osirium Technologies LON:OSI 3.68 Osirium Technologies Dividends
OTAQ LON:OTAQ 7.55 OTAQ Dividends
OTP Bank Nyrt LON:OTPD 6,231 9.94 OTP Bank Nyrt Dividends
Ovoca Bio LON:OVB 8.77 Ovoca Bio Dividends
Oxford Biodynamics LON:OBD 18.6 Oxford Biodynamics Dividends
Oxford BioMedica LON:OXB 469.3 Oxford BioMedica Dividends
Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies Holdings LON:OCTP 9.12 Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies Holdings Dividends
Oxford Instruments LON:OXIG 1,251 24.5 Oxford Instruments Dividends
Oxford Metrics LON:OMG 100.0 22.4 Oxford Metrics Dividends
Oxford Nanopore Technologies LON:ONT 2,531 Oxford Nanopore Technologies Dividends
Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust LON:OXH 1.41 Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust Dividends
Oxford Technology 3 Venture Capital Trust LON:OTT 2.13 Oxford Technology 3 Venture Capital Trust Dividends
Oxford Technology 4 Venture Capital Trust LON:OXF 3.92 Oxford Technology 4 Venture Capital Trust Dividends
Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust LON:OXT 1.49 Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust Dividends
Pacific Assets Trust LON:PAC 373.8 Pacific Assets Trust Dividends
Pacific Horizon Investment Trust LON:PHI 572.3 Pacific Horizon Investment Trust Dividends
Pagegroup LON:PAGE 1,442 9.65 Pagegroup Dividends
Paints and Chemical Industries Co SAE LON:PCLD Paints and Chemical Industries Co SAE Dividends
Paints And Chemical Industries Co Sae LON:47KT Paints And Chemical Industries Co Sae Dividends
Palace Capital LON:PCA 126.8 15.9 Palace Capital Dividends
Palm Hills Developments Sae LON:38KN Palm Hills Developments Sae Dividends
Pan African Resources LON:PAF 471.4 4.98 Pan African Resources Dividends
Pantheon Infrastructure LON:PSNT Pantheon Infrastructure Dividends
Pantheon Infrastructure LON:PINT Pantheon Infrastructure Dividends
Pantheon International LON:PIN 1,570 Pantheon International Dividends
Pantheon Resources LON:PANR 776.5 Pantheon Resources Dividends
Panther Metals LON:PALM 6.27 Panther Metals Dividends
Panther Securities LON:PNS 52.4 Panther Securities Dividends
Panthera Resources LON:PAT 7.45 Panthera Resources Dividends
Paragon Banking LON:PAG 1,169 7.49 Paragon Banking Dividends
Parity LON:PTY 7.22 Parity Dividends
Parkmead LON:PMG 47.5 13.4 Parkmead Dividends
Parsley Box LON:MEAL 13.4 Parsley Box Dividends
Pathfinder Minerals LON:PFP 3.06 Pathfinder Minerals Dividends
PayPoint LON:PAY 397.6 10.6 PayPoint Dividends
PCF LON:PCF 21.3 2.36 PCF Dividends
PCI- PAL LON:PCIP 39.9 PCI- PAL Dividends
Pearson LON:PSON 5,668 17.2 Pearson Dividends
Pebble LON:PEBB 190.1 21.6 Pebble Dividends
Pebble Beach Systems LON:PEB 15.8 9.44 Pebble Beach Systems Dividends
Peel Hunt LON:PEEL Peel Hunt Dividends
Pelatro LON:PTRO 11.7 Pelatro Dividends
Pembridge Resources LON:PERE 4.05 Pembridge Resources Dividends
Pembroke VCT LON:PEMB 190.3 Pembroke VCT Dividends
Pendragon LON:PDG 314.3 7.11 Pendragon Dividends
Pennant International LON:PEN 13.9 20.7 Pennant International Dividends
Pennon LON:PNN 2,823 23.8 Pennon Dividends
Pennpetro Energy LON:PPP 21.7 Pennpetro Energy Dividends
Pensana LON:PRE 189.9 Pensana Dividends
Pensionbee LON:PBEE 285.9 Pensionbee Dividends
Permanent TSB group LON:IL0A 579.8 25.6 Permanent TSB group Dividends
Perpetual Income And Growth Investment Trust LON:PLIA Perpetual Income And Growth Investment Trust Dividends
Perpetual Income And Growth Investment Trust LON:PLIB Perpetual Income And Growth Investment Trust Dividends
Pershing Square Holdings LON:PSH 5,048 10.6 Pershing Square Holdings Dividends
Pershing Square Holdings LON:PSHD 5,048 10.6 Pershing Square Holdings Dividends
Pershing Square Holdings LON:PSHD Pershing Square Holdings Dividends
Persimmon LON:PSN 6,900 8.62 Persimmon Dividends
Personal Assets Trust LON:PNL 1,792 Personal Assets Trust Dividends
Personal group LON:PGH 88.2 20.3 Personal group Dividends
Petards LON:PEG 6.78 11.4 Petards Dividends
Petershill Partners LON:PHLL 2,591 9.86 Petershill Partners Dividends
Petra Diamonds LON:PDL 217.5 6.41 Petra Diamonds Dividends
Petrel Resources LON:PET 4.16 Petrel Resources Dividends
Petro Matad LON:MATD 27.9 Petro Matad Dividends
Petrofac LON:PFC 805.2 22.8 Petrofac Dividends
Petroneft Resources LON:PTR 10.9 Petroneft Resources Dividends
Petropavlovsk LON:POG 62.9 1.54 Petropavlovsk Dividends
Petrotal LON:PTAL 332.4 4.25 Petrotal Dividends
Pets at Home LON:PETS 1,590 14.4 Pets at Home Dividends
Pharos Energy LON:PHAR 109.8 4.00 Pharos Energy Dividends
Phoenix Copper LON:PXC 59.7 Phoenix Copper Dividends
Phoenix Global Resources LON:PGR 115.6 Phoenix Global Resources Dividends
Phoenix group LON:PHNX 6,465 8.61 Phoenix group Dividends
Phoenix Spree Deutschland LON:PSDL 321.1 10.9 Phoenix Spree Deutschland Dividends
PhosAgro PAO LON:PHOR 16.1 0.032 PhosAgro PAO Dividends
Phosagro Pao LON:10NC Phosagro Pao Dividends
Photo-Me International LON:PHTM 263.9 7.78 Photo-Me International Dividends
PHSC LON:PHSC 2.84 PHSC Dividends
Physiomics LON:PYC 3.99 Physiomics Dividends
Picton Property Income LON:PCTN 518 21.3 Picton Property Income Dividends
Pineapple Power LON:PNPL 2.91 Pineapple Power Dividends
Pipehawk LON:PIP 6.35 Pipehawk Dividends
Pires Investments LON:PIRI 6.99 Pires Investments Dividends
Pittards LON:PTD 7.90 19.7 Pittards Dividends
Plant Health Care LON:PHC 36.3 Plant Health Care Dividends
Playtech LON:PTEC 1,674 17.4 Playtech Dividends
Plaza Centers NV LON:PLAZ 4.46 Plaza Centers NV Dividends
Plexus Holdings LON:POS 4.12 Plexus Holdings Dividends
Plus500 LON:PLUS 1,553 7.31 Plus500 Dividends
Pod Point group LON:PODP 320.6 Pod Point group Dividends
Polar Capital Global Financials Trust LON:PCFT 492.7 Polar Capital Global Financials Trust Dividends
Polar Capital Global Financials Trust LON:PCFC 492.7 Polar Capital Global Financials Trust Dividends
Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust LON:PCGH 371.1 Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust Dividends
Polar Capital Holdings LON:POLR 548.4 10.9 Polar Capital Holdings Dividends
Polar Capital Technology Trust LON:PCT 2,403 Polar Capital Technology Trust Dividends
Polarean Imaging LON:POLX 115.8 Polarean Imaging Dividends
Polymetal International LON:POLY 1,113 1.49 Polymetal International Dividends
Polyus Pao LON:PLZA Polyus Pao Dividends
Polyus Pao LON:PLZL Polyus Pao Dividends
Polyus PJSC LON:PLZL 838.1 Polyus PJSC Dividends
Polyus PJSC LON:PLZB 25,789 Polyus PJSC Dividends
Poolbeg Pharma LON:POLB Poolbeg Pharma Dividends
Portmeirion LON:PMP 60.8 7.20 Portmeirion Dividends
Portugal Fund Ld LON:PRT Portugal Fund Ld Dividends
Porvair LON:PRV 266.1 20.7 Porvair Dividends
Power Metal Resources LON:POW 19.4 Power Metal Resources Dividends
Powerchip Technology LON:POSD Powerchip Technology Dividends
Powerchip Technology LON:POSE Powerchip Technology Dividends
Powerhouse Energy LON:PHE 85.1 Powerhouse Energy Dividends
PPHE Hotel LON:PPH 621.2 74.1 PPHE Hotel Dividends
Predator Oil & Gas Holdings LON:PRD 28.8 Predator Oil & Gas Holdings Dividends
Premier African Minerals LON:PREM 65.2 Premier African Minerals Dividends
Premier Foods LON:PFD 1,037 10.0 Premier Foods Dividends
Premier Miton LON:PMI 177.7 7.56 Premier Miton Dividends
Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust LON:PMGR 61.3 Premier Miton Global Renewables Trust Dividends
President Energy LON:PPC 31.9 President Energy Dividends
Pressure Technologies LON:PRES 27.5 17.0 Pressure Technologies Dividends
Primary Health Properties LON:PHP 1,959 22.1 Primary Health Properties Dividends
Primorus Investments LON:PRIM 4.68 Primorus Investments Dividends
Princess Private Equity Holding LON:PEYS 676 Princess Private Equity Holding Dividends
Princess Private Equity Holding LON:PEY 676 Princess Private Equity Holding Dividends
Proactis Holdings LON:PHD Proactis Holdings Dividends
PROCOOK LON:PROC 111.1 12.4 PROCOOK Dividends
ProMOS Technologies LON:PRND 78,142 ProMOS Technologies Dividends
Property Franchise LON:TPFG 97.7 11.8 Property Franchise Dividends
Prospex Energy LON:PXEN 10.6 Prospex Energy Dividends
Proteome Sciences LON:PRM 11.4 Proteome Sciences Dividends
Proton Motor Power Systems LON:PPS 193.6 Proton Motor Power Systems Dividends
Proven Growth and Income Vct LON:PGOO 179.5 Proven Growth and Income Vct Dividends
Proven Vct LON:PVN 170.1 Proven Vct Dividends
Provexis LON:PXS 20.5 Provexis Dividends
Providence Resources LON:PVR 22.4 Providence Resources Dividends
Provident Financial LON:PFG 648.6 6.54 Provident Financial Dividends
Provident Financial LON:PFGN 648.6 Provident Financial Dividends
Provident Financial LON:PFGA Provident Financial Dividends
PRS Reit LON:PRSR 587.7 24.9 PRS Reit Dividends
Prudential LON:PRU 27,141 10.3 Prudential Dividends
Public Policy Holding LON:PPHC 159.6 705.7 Public Policy Holding Dividends
Pultegroup LON:0KS6 8,127 3.61 Pultegroup Dividends
Puma Alpha VCT LON:PUAL 1,456 Puma Alpha VCT Dividends
Puma VCT 12 LON:PU12 25.8 Puma VCT 12 Dividends
Puma VCT 13 LON:PU13 56.4 Puma VCT 13 Dividends
Puma Vct 8 LON:PUM8 Puma Vct 8 Dividends
Pure Gold Mining LON:PUR 54.6 4.41 Pure Gold Mining Dividends
Pure Gym LON:PGYM Pure Gym Dividends
Puretech Health LON:PRTC 501.8 Puretech Health Dividends
Purplebricks LON:PURP 55.2 Purplebricks Dividends
PYX Resources LON:PYX 102.6 PYX Resources Dividends
PZ Cussons LON:PZC 859.6 15.9 PZ Cussons Dividends
Qinetiq LON:QQ. 2,056 15.5 Qinetiq Dividends
Qorvo LON:0KSJ 8,809 9.87 Qorvo Dividends
Quadrise Fuels International LON:QFI 26.7 Quadrise Fuels International Dividends
Quantum Blockchain Technologies LON:QBT 19.1 Quantum Blockchain Technologies Dividends
Quartix Technologies LON:QTX 162.1 33.6 Quartix Technologies Dividends
Quarto LON:QRT 66.4 Quarto Dividends
Quilter LON:QLT 1,667 12.4 Quilter Dividends
Quixant LON:QXT 101.7 18.0 Quixant Dividends
Quiz LON:QUIZ 14.3 7.06 Quiz Dividends
R E A Holdings LON:RE. 71.9 5.67 R E A Holdings Dividends
Ra International LON:RAI 41.2 Ra International Dividends
Rainbow Rare Earths LON:RBW 77.1 Rainbow Rare Earths Dividends
Rambler Metals and Mining LON:RMM 39.4 Rambler Metals and Mining Dividends
Ramsdens Holdings LON:RFX 59.8 11.0 Ramsdens Holdings Dividends
Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings LON:RQIH 222.9 9.76 Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Dividends
Rank LON:RNK 479.7 7.06 Rank Dividends
Rathbones LON:RAT 1,252 12.4 Rathbones Dividends
Raven Property LON:RAV 21.6 2.40 Raven Property Dividends
RBG Holdings LON:RBGP 94.4 9.07 RBG Holdings Dividends
RC365 Holding LON:RCGH 16.1 RC365 Holding Dividends
Reabold Resources LON:RBD 29.5 Reabold Resources Dividends
Reach LON:RCH 378.1 3.61 Reach Dividends
React LON:REAT 11.0 6.07 React Dividends
Real Estate Credit Investments LON:RECI 346.3 12.0 Real Estate Credit Investments Dividends
Real Estate Investors LON:RLE 69.1 10.7 Real Estate Investors Dividends
Real Good Food LON:RGD 2.04 Real Good Food Dividends
Reckitt Benckiser LON:RKT 44,420 19.4 Reckitt Benckiser Dividends
Reconstruction Capital II LON:RC2 9.82 Reconstruction Capital II Dividends
Record LON:REC 140.9 15.0 Record Dividends
Red Capital LON:REDC Red Capital Dividends
Red Rock Resources LON:RRR 4.89 Red Rock Resources Dividends
Redcentric LON:RCN 192 15.1 Redcentric Dividends
Redde Northgate LON:REDD 900.1 7.63 Redde Northgate Dividends
Redrow LON:RDW 1,821 5.56 Redrow Dividends
Redx Pharma LON:REDX 165.2 Redx Pharma Dividends
Regional REIT LON:RGL 438.9 12.5 Regional REIT Dividends
Rei Agro LON:REAA Rei Agro Dividends
REI Agro LON:REA REI Agro Dividends
Reliance Industries LON:RIGD 181,480 21.2 Reliance Industries Dividends
Reliance Infrastructure LON:RIFA 3.51 Reliance Infrastructure Dividends
Reliance Infrastructure LON:RIFS 271.8 Reliance Infrastructure Dividends
Relx LON:REL 43,913 22.2 Relx Dividends
Renalytix LON:RENX 102.8 Renalytix Dividends
ReNeuron LON:RENE 20.5 ReNeuron Dividends
Renew Holdings LON:RNWH 538.6 12.4 Renew Holdings Dividends
Renewables Infrastructure LON:TRIG 3,269 12.6 Renewables Infrastructure Dividends
Renewi LON:RWI 544.4 9.32 Renewi Dividends
Renishaw LON:RSW 2,771 19.9 Renishaw Dividends
Renold LON:RNO 63.2 7.01 Renold Dividends
Rentokil Initial LON:RTO 9,245 24.5 Rentokil Initial Dividends
Residential Secure Income LON:RESI 186 18.9 Residential Secure Income Dividends
Resolute Mining LON:RSG 188.5 12.4 Resolute Mining Dividends
Responsible Housing Reit LON:RHR Responsible Housing Reit Dividends
Restaurant LON:RTN 397.1 15.2 Restaurant Dividends
Restore LON:RST 585 15.5 Restore Dividends
Resurs Holding AB (publ) LON:0RFP 437.9 6.19 Resurs Holding AB (publ) Dividends
Revolution Bars LON:RBG 34.0 Revolution Bars Dividends
Revolution Beauty LON:REVB 323.7 24.3 Revolution Beauty Dividends
RHI Magnesita NV LON:RHIM 1,076 5.67 RHI Magnesita NV Dividends
Ricardo LON:RCDO 206.6 9.15 Ricardo Dividends
Ricoh Co LON:RICO 4,094 11.1 Ricoh Co Dividends
Rightmove LON:RMV 4,802 23.4 Rightmove Dividends
Rights and Issues Investment Trust LON:RIII 164.6 Rights and Issues Investment Trust Dividends
Rio Tinto LON:RIO 91,490 6.35 Rio Tinto Dividends
RIT Capital Partners LON:RCP 3,721 RIT Capital Partners Dividends
River and Mercantile LON:RIV 227.3 River and Mercantile Dividends
River and Mercantile UK Micro Cap Investment LON:RMMC 63.1 River and Mercantile UK Micro Cap Investment Dividends
Riverfort Global Opportunities LON:RGO 8.34 Riverfort Global Opportunities Dividends
Riverstone Credit Opportunities Income LON:RCOI 63.4 Riverstone Credit Opportunities Income Dividends
Riverstone Energy LON:RSE 360.7 Riverstone Energy Dividends
RM LON:RM. 122.5 8.11 RM Dividends
RM Infrastructure Income LON:RMII 103.8 RM Infrastructure Income Dividends
Robert Walters LON:RWA 399.7 9.25 Robert Walters Dividends
Robinson LON:RBN 13.4 Robinson Dividends
Rockfire Resources LON:ROCK 5.47 Rockfire Resources Dividends
Rockhopper Exploration LON:RKH 36.3 Rockhopper Exploration Dividends
Rockpool Acquisitions LON:ROC Rockpool Acquisitions Dividends
Rockwood Strategic LON:RKW 35.6 Rockwood Strategic Dividends
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