London Stock Exchange

LSE / LON - 2321 Listings

Name Ticker Mkt Cap £m P/E (f) Yield % (f) Other
TMT Investments LON:TMT 121.4 TMT Investments Dividends
TomCo Energy LON:TOM 8.22 TomCo Energy Dividends
Toople LON:TOOP 1.37 Toople Dividends
Topps Tiles LON:TPT 103.6 9.50 Topps Tiles Dividends
Tortilla Mexican Grill LON:MEX 51.8 16.5 Tortilla Mexican Grill Dividends
Total Produce LON:TOT Total Produce Dividends
TotalEnergies SE LON:TTE 118,795 5.44 TotalEnergies SE Dividends
Totally LON:TLY 74.9 12.6 Totally Dividends
Touchstar LON:TST 6.36 12.5 Touchstar Dividends
Touchstone Exploration LON:TXP 187.2 17.9 Touchstone Exploration Dividends
Tower Resources LON:TRP 7.52 Tower Resources Dividends
Town Centre Securities LON:TOWN 76.7 16.6 Town Centre Securities Dividends
Toyota Motor LON:TYT 180,334 9.59 Toyota Motor Dividends
TP LON:TPG 18.1 11.6 TP Dividends
TP Icap LON:TCAP 962.2 5.14 TP Icap Dividends
Tp Icap LON:TCAN 962.2 Tp Icap Dividends
Tp Icap LON:TCAF 962.2 Tp Icap Dividends
Tpximpact Holdings LON:TPX 141 13.8 Tpximpact Holdings Dividends
TR Property Investment Trust LON:TRY 1,284 TR Property Investment Trust Dividends
Trackwise Designs LON:TWD 23.3 18.8 Trackwise Designs Dividends
Tracsis LON:TRCS 288 24.5 Tracsis Dividends
Trafalgar Property LON:TRAF 2.26 Trafalgar Property Dividends
Trainline LON:TRN 1,471 55.4 Trainline Dividends
Trakm8 Holdings LON:TRAK 8.00 Trakm8 Holdings Dividends
Trans-siberian Gold LON:TSGA Trans-siberian Gold Dividends
Trans-siberian Gold LON:TSG Trans-siberian Gold Dividends
Transense Technologies LON:TRT 11.3 9.83 Transense Technologies Dividends
TransGlobe Energy LON:TGL 261.9 TransGlobe Energy Dividends
Travis Perkins LON:TPK 2,457 9.99 Travis Perkins Dividends
Treatt LON:TET 494.2 27.2 Treatt Dividends
Trellus Health LON:TRLS 29.1 Trellus Health Dividends
Tremor International LON:TRMR 660.8 7.04 Tremor International Dividends
Triad LON:TRD 21.5 Triad Dividends
Trian Investors 1 LON:TI1 297.7 Trian Investors 1 Dividends
Tribal LON:TRB 195.2 19.1 Tribal Dividends
Trident Royalties LON:TRR 144.1 40.7 Trident Royalties Dividends
Trifast LON:TRI 136.1 10.3 Trifast Dividends
Trinity Exploration and Production LON:TRIN 50.9 8.23 Trinity Exploration and Production Dividends
Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure LON:TEEC 92.3 14.2 Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Dividends
Triple Point Income VCT LON:TPVE 49.8 Triple Point Income VCT Dividends
Triple Point Income VCT LON:TPVD 886.2 Triple Point Income VCT Dividends
Triple Point Income VCT LON:TPVC 5.66 Triple Point Income VCT Dividends
Triple Point Social Housing REIT LON:SOHO 361.7 15.1 Triple Point Social Housing REIT Dividends
Triple Point VCT 2011 LON:TPON 5,640 Triple Point VCT 2011 Dividends
Triple Point VCT 2011 LON:TPOA 6.62 Triple Point VCT 2011 Dividends
Triple Point VCT 2011 LON:TPOB 6.62 Triple Point VCT 2011 Dividends
Tristel LON:TSTL 160.5 42.8 Tristel Dividends
Tritax Big Box REIT LON:BBOX 3,783 25.8 Tritax Big Box REIT Dividends
Tritax EuroBox LON:EBOX 772.9 22.0 Tritax EuroBox Dividends
Tritax EuroBox LON:BOXE 772.7 22.3 Tritax EuroBox Dividends
Troy Income & Growth Trust LON:TIGT 218.8 Troy Income & Growth Trust Dividends
Trufin LON:TRU 68.3 Trufin Dividends
Trustpilot LON:TRST 408.5 Trustpilot Dividends
TT electronics LON:TTG 331.5 10.0 TT electronics Dividends
Tufton Oceanic Assets LON:SHIP 321.8 Tufton Oceanic Assets Dividends
Tui Ag LON:TUID 2,580 Tui Ag Dividends
TUI AG LON:TUI 3,035 9.10 TUI AG Dividends
Tui Ag LON:TUIB 2,580 Tui Ag Dividends
Tullow Oil LON:TLW 785.1 2.91 Tullow Oil Dividends
Tungsten LON:TUNG 72.8 54.8 Tungsten Dividends
Tungsten LON:TUNA Tungsten Dividends
Tungsten West LON:TUN 52.9 4.21 Tungsten West Dividends
Turkiye Garanti Bankasi As LON:39IS Turkiye Garanti Bankasi As Dividends
Turkiye Is Bankasi AS LON:TIBD 26,902 12.9 Turkiye Is Bankasi AS Dividends
Turkiye Is Bankasi As LON:98LM Turkiye Is Bankasi As Dividends
TwentyFour Income Fund LON:TFIF 674.1 TwentyFour Income Fund Dividends
Twentyfour Select Monthly Income Fund LON:SMIF 176.4 Twentyfour Select Monthly Income Fund Dividends
Tyman LON:TYMN 562.4 8.45 Tyman Dividends
UAE Oil Services LON:UOS UAE Oil Services Dividends
Udg Healthcare LON:UDG Udg Healthcare Dividends
UIL LON:UTL 181.1 UIL Dividends
UK Commercial Property REIT LON:UKCM 1,134 26.8 UK Commercial Property REIT Dividends
UK Oil & Gas LON:UKOG 19.9 UK Oil & Gas Dividends
Ukrproduct LON:UKR 1.09 Ukrproduct Dividends
Ultra Electronics Holdings LON:ULE 2,389 23.0 Ultra Electronics Holdings Dividends
Umuthi Healthcare Solutions LON:UHS Umuthi Healthcare Solutions Dividends
Unbound LON:UBG 13.1 6.33 Unbound Dividends
Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield SE LON:0YO9 7,751 7.85 Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield SE Dividends
Unicorn AIM VCT LON:UAV 259.7 Unicorn AIM VCT Dividends
Unilever LON:ULVR 89,313 16.1 Unilever Dividends
Union Jack Oil LON:UJO 31.3 9.70 Union Jack Oil Dividends
Uniphar LON:UPR 777.5 16.8 Uniphar Dividends
Unisys LON:USY 598.6 5.85 Unisys Dividends
Unite LON:UTG 4,309 24.7 Unite Dividends
United Bank LON:UBLA United Bank Dividends
United Bank LON:UBLS 1,559 9.26 United Bank Dividends
United Oil & Gas LON:UOG 14.7 United Oil & Gas Dividends
United Utilities LON:UU. 7,586 25.1 United Utilities Dividends
UniVision Engineering LON:UVEL 1.57 UniVision Engineering Dividends
UP Global Sourcing Holdings LON:UPGS 115.2 8.97 UP Global Sourcing Holdings Dividends
UPL LON:UPLL 5,994 12.1 UPL Dividends
Upland Resources LON:UPL Upland Resources Dividends
URA Holdings LON:URAH 6.86 URA Holdings Dividends
Urban Logistics Reit LON:SHED 826 19.1 Urban Logistics Reit Dividends
URU Metals LON:URU 6.88 URU Metals Dividends
Us Solar Fund LON:USF 231.9 Us Solar Fund Dividends
Us Solar Fund LON:USFP 231.9 Us Solar Fund Dividends
Utilico Emerging Markets Trust LON:UEM 472.4 Utilico Emerging Markets Trust Dividends
VAALCO Energy LON:EGY 321.1 2.84 VAALCO Energy Dividends
Valeura Energy LON:VLU 28.0 Valeura Energy Dividends
ValiRx LON:VAL 16.1 ValiRx Dividends
Value and Indexed Property Income Trust LON:VIP 119.3 23.4 Value and Indexed Property Income Trust Dividends
Van Elle Holdings LON:VANL 49.6 12.9 Van Elle Holdings Dividends
Various Eateries LON:VARE 47.6 Various Eateries Dividends
Vast Resources LON:VAST 5.20 0.33 Vast Resources Dividends
Vector Capital LON:VCAP 22.6 9.43 Vector Capital Dividends
Vela Technologies LON:VELA 4.88 Vela Technologies Dividends
Velocity Composites LON:VEL 7.15 Velocity Composites Dividends
Velocys LON:VLS 73.9 Velocys Dividends
Venture Life LON:VLG 40.3 7.97 Venture Life Dividends
Verditek LON:VDTK 6.50 Verditek Dividends
Verici Dx LON:VRCI 42.6 Verici Dx Dividends
Versarien LON:VRS 38.3 Versarien Dividends
Vertu Capital LON:VCBC Vertu Capital Dividends
Vertu Motors LON:VTU 200.7 7.50 Vertu Motors Dividends
Vesuvius LON:VSVS 955.8 8.09 Vesuvius Dividends
VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities LON:GSEO 359.9 VH Global Sustainable Energy Opportunities Dividends
Vianet LON:VNET 24.9 Vianet Dividends
Victoria LON:VCP 583.2 11.0 Victoria Dividends
Victoria Oil & Gas LON:VOG 9.99 Victoria Oil & Gas Dividends
Victorian Plumbing LON:VIC 199.3 15.0 Victorian Plumbing Dividends
Victrex LON:VCT 1,485 16.9 Victrex Dividends
Videndum LON:VID 59,204 1,411 Videndum Dividends
Vietnam Enterprise Investments LON:VEIL 1,403 Vietnam Enterprise Investments Dividends
VietNam Holding LON:VNH 88.4 VietNam Holding Dividends
VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund LON:VOF 778.8 VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Dividends
Virgin Money UK LON:VMUK 2,183 4.93 Virgin Money UK Dividends
Virgin Wines UK LON:VINO 58.6 10.6 Virgin Wines UK Dividends
Vistry LON:VTY 1,883 5.96 Vistry Dividends
Vivo Energy LON:VVO 1,807 13.7 Vivo Energy Dividends
VK LON:VKCO 152.9 0.97 VK Dividends
Vodafone LON:VOD 36,676 13.4 Vodafone Dividends
Volex LON:VLX 395.1 11.0 Volex Dividends
Volga Gas LON:VGAA Volga Gas Dividends
Volkswagen AG LON:0P6N 78,961 6.53 Volkswagen AG Dividends
Volta Finance LON:VTA 179.7 5.89 Volta Finance Dividends
Volta Finance LON:VTAS 179.7 5.84 Volta Finance Dividends
Volution LON:FAN 752.8 15.7 Volution Dividends
Volvere LON:VLE 26.4 Volvere Dividends
VP LON:VP. 375.8 11.7 VP Dividends
VPC Specialty Lending Investments LON:VSL 246.6 VPC Specialty Lending Investments Dividends
W Resources LON:WRES 3.89 W Resources Dividends
WAG Payment Solutions LON:WPS 645.5 16.2 WAG Payment Solutions Dividends
Walker Crips LON:WCW 12.3 Walker Crips Dividends
Walsin Lihwa LON:WALS Walsin Lihwa Dividends
Walsin Lihwa LON:61HG Walsin Lihwa Dividends
WANdisco LON:WAND 150.6 WANdisco Dividends
Warehouse Reit LON:WHR 679.8 24.5 Warehouse Reit Dividends
Warpaint London LON:W7L 97.9 14.5 Warpaint London Dividends
Watches of Switzerland LON:WOSG 2,179 16.8 Watches of Switzerland Dividends
Watchstone LON:WTG 16.8 Watchstone Dividends
Water Intelligence LON:WATR 123.3 27.1 Water Intelligence Dividends
Waterman LON:WTMA Waterman Dividends
Watkin Jones LON:WJG 572.5 10.8 Watkin Jones Dividends
Webis Holding LON:WEB 10.6 Webis Holding Dividends
Weir LON:WEIR 3,951 16.6 Weir Dividends
Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund LON:WKOF 144.9 Weiss Korea Opportunity Fund Dividends
Wentworth Resources LON:WEN 40.8 8.26 Wentworth Resources Dividends
Westminster LON:WSG 6.45 2.38 Westminster Dividends
Westmount Energy LON:WTE 5.19 Westmount Energy Dividends
WH Ireland LON:WHI 23.0 WH Ireland Dividends
WH Smith LON:SMWH 1,990 22.6 WH Smith Dividends
Wheaton Precious Metals LON:WPM 15,285 29.4 Wheaton Precious Metals Dividends
Whitbread LON:WTB 5,331 26.5 Whitbread Dividends
Wickes LON:WIX 501.9 7.13 Wickes Dividends
Wildcat Petroleum LON:WCAT 42.0 Wildcat Petroleum Dividends
Wilmington LON:WIL 205.9 12.4 Wilmington Dividends
Wincanton LON:WIN 503.2 9.82 Wincanton Dividends
Windar Photonics LON:WPHO 7.78 5.78 Windar Photonics Dividends
Windward LON:WNWD 99.2 Windward Dividends
Wisdom Marine Lines Co LON:WML 67.5 Wisdom Marine Lines Co Dividends
Wise LON:WISE 5,012 41.0 Wise Dividends
Wishbone Gold LON:WSBN 21.3 Wishbone Gold Dividends
Witan Investment Trust LON:WTAN 1,499 Witan Investment Trust Dividends
Wizz Air Holdings LON:WIZZ 3,163 Wizz Air Holdings Dividends
Woodbois LON:WBI 145.2 Woodbois Dividends
Works co uk LON:WRKS 33.1 6.22 Works co uk Dividends
Workspace LON:WKP 1,241 21.5 Workspace Dividends
Worldlink LON:WGP Worldlink Dividends
Worldsec LON:WSL 2.55 Worldsec Dividends
Worldwide Healthcare Trust LON:WWH 1,983 Worldwide Healthcare Trust Dividends
Worsley Investors LON:WINV 9.45 Worsley Investors Dividends
Worthington LON:WRN Worthington Dividends
WPP LON:WPP 9,971 9.45 WPP Dividends
Wynnstay LON:WYN 118.2 12.4 Wynnstay Dividends
Wynnstay Properties LON:WSP 18.2 Wynnstay Properties Dividends
X5 Retail NV LON:FIVE 114.9 0.18 X5 Retail NV Dividends
X5 Retail Nv LON:89VS 114.9 X5 Retail Nv Dividends
Xaar LON:XAR 176.5 75.5 Xaar Dividends
Xeros Technology LON:XSG 8.20 Xeros Technology Dividends
XLMedia LON:XLM 78.0 6.95 XLMedia Dividends
XP Factory LON:XPF 36.8 49.0 XP Factory Dividends
XP Power LON:XPP 649.3 15.7 XP Power Dividends
Xpediator LON:XPD 52.4 9.13 Xpediator Dividends
XPS Pensions LON:XPS 284.1 12.6 XPS Pensions Dividends
Xtract Resources LON:XTR 41.0 Xtract Resources Dividends
Yamana Gold LON:AUY 4,089 17.4 Yamana Gold Dividends
Yang Ming Marine Transport LON:YMT1 408.5 Yang Ming Marine Transport Dividends
Yang Ming Marine Transport LON:YMTD 405.3 Yang Ming Marine Transport Dividends
Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi As LON:98KI Yapi Ve Kredi Bankasi As Dividends
Yellow Cake LON:YCA 678.5 2.74 Yellow Cake Dividends
YouGov LON:YOU 1,309 34.8 YouGov Dividends
Young & Co's Brewery LON:YNGN 771.9 12.7 Young & Co's Brewery Dividends
Young & Co's Brewery LON:YNGA 771.9 20.9 Young & Co's Brewery Dividends
Yourgene Health LON:YGEN 56.4 Yourgene Health Dividends
Yu LON:YU. 33.9 951.8 Yu Dividends
Zaim Credit Systems LON:ZAIM 6.55 Zaim Credit Systems Dividends
Zambeef Products LON:ZAM 20.3 2.84 Zambeef Products Dividends
Zanaga Iron Ore LON:ZIOC 8.26 Zanaga Iron Ore Dividends
Zccm Investments Holdings LON:ZCC Zccm Investments Holdings Dividends
Zegona Communications LON:ZEG 4.69 Zegona Communications Dividends
Zenith Bank LON:ZENB 1,446 2.84 Zenith Bank Dividends
Zenith Energy (CA) LON:ZEN 15.9 0.098 Zenith Energy (CA) Dividends
Zenova LON:ZED Zenova Dividends
Zephyr Energy LON:ZPHR 77.3 Zephyr Energy Dividends
Zhejiang Expressway Co LON:ZHEH 301.4 Zhejiang Expressway Co Dividends
Zinc Media LON:ZIN 18.1 Zinc Media Dividends
Zinnwald Lithium LON:ZNWD 29.6 Zinnwald Lithium Dividends
Zoo Digital LON:ZOO 93.2 39.0 Zoo Digital Dividends
Zotefoams LON:ZTF 145.9 18.6 Zotefoams Dividends
Zytronic LON:ZYT 16.5 Zytronic Dividends
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