Now providing you with the ability to tag any global stock in articles and comments for more engaging discussion and debates.

One of the most notable aspects of Stockopedia is the fact that it has one of the smartest investment communities on the internet. The members of our community regularly provide articles filled with reliable and unique insights, in addition to useful advice and feedback via the comments section.

The benefit of this is that article knowledge sharing does not stop after an article has been published, but can often lead to continued discussion and debate that spans over the subsequent months and years.

As part of our open arms philosophy to encourage all knowledge sharing, we have now made improvements to how StockReports are linked to articles and comments.

Referencing a database of over 63,000 equities

By developing an easier way to correctly reference a stock first time, authors and readers can now check the accuracy of a linked StockReport before publishing any article or comment, and reference our global database of equities. For example, you can now ‘@’ mention the international stocks you own - like Apple, Amazon or Microsoft.

Universal comment tagging/referencing will lay the foundations for further insightful discussions around both UK and global stocks on the site, and make it easier to find useful information on the stocks that are of interest to you.

How to tag/reference any stock

StockReport referencing can simply be activated by inputting the ‘@’ symbol when writing your comments. This will activate the familiar Stockopedia stock search engine, allowing you to type the security name or ticker and confidently select and link a StockReport to your comment before publishing. Or if you prefer to write your editorial externally to paste into Stockopedia, including the ‘@‘ symbol before a ticker now allows you to visibly check all the StockReport links are correct before posting to the site.

Previously, this was activated by putting the '£' symbol in front of the ticker, which did not instantly connect to the StockReport, but only made a connection after the post was submitted to the site. Whilst users will continue to be able to use the ‘£’ sign to tag UK stocks, but we highly recommend adapting to the new ‘@’ method to ensure your article and comments are correctly linked. 


We hope that removing the previous quirks for the author and increasing stock tagging to all securities held in the Stockopedia databases, will not only improve the accuracy of linked StockReports, but ease navigation for all users globally.