We've made progress on a few different fronts this past sprint. You can now print out or PDF all of your favourite Folios, Screens and other pages, allowing you to take Stockopedia offline and share with friends. It's one more popular request down and we're getting feedback all the time regarding areas to focus on next.

You might also notice some more work has been done to the recently added Major shareholders feature. More on these points below.

Take Stockopedia offline with new print and PDF capabilities

You can now can take Stockopedia offline and share it with friends by printing off your favourite pages or transforming them into PDFs. This is a popular request so we're happy to put the time into making the site more print-friendly. To print a page, head to the top right of your browser and select "Print" from the dropdown menu.

Here's a sample of the more commonly requested pages that you can now print or save as a PDF:

  • Folio overviews
  • Screens
  • Mini charts
  • StockReports
  • News
  • Folio analytics
  • Bubble charts
  • Stock comparisons
  • Articles

The gif below give you a feel for it but your best bet is to visit some of your favourite pages and print or save them as PDFs yourself. Head over and give it a go.


Refined ownership data

The community response to the addition of "Major shareholders" data has been fantastic so we revisited this new feature to tighten it up even more.

One of the biggest bits of feedback we received was that for various companies, total ownership added up to more than one hundred per cent. This was due to instances of double counting, with a single shareholding occasionally being counted at both the investment firm and sub-fund level.

Using Shoe Zone as an example, you can see that Miton Asset Management Ltd has a 11.95% holding, of which 9.17% is held by LF Miton UK Multi Cap. Previously this latter figure was double counted.

Now, we only count the parent holding but we show the sub-fund stake as well to provide an accurate major shareholders figure while maintaining that extra level of insight into shareholdings.


Searchable Learn section

Learn is now searchable - so it's easier than ever to find the answers to your questions.

If you ever want to know something about Stockopedia or its financial data, the Learn section should always be your first port of call. We refresh this section regularly to make sure it's up to date with all the latest deployments - if it's something useful about the site then you should be able to find it here.


Bug fixes & other improvements

We've been busy squashing bugs as well:

  • AIM companies were previously displayed as London Stock Exchange on their StockReports. This has been fixed to reflect their AIM listings.
  • The way Folios are valued has been improved: previously, if a price didn't come through in time your Folio valuation might show a "V" shape due to the missing data. This has been fixed.

What's next?

This sprint we are making data more easily transferable between Folios. You will be able to copy stocks and their transactions from one portfolio to another, allowing you to do things like divide your holdings into sub-portfolios (eg. by sector) to more easily split out performance.