We've had a super response from the community regarding the new version of the Stockopedia site.  Today we've released some highly requested features that were missing and a new area to keep track of the regular improvements we're shipping on a regular basis. Here's the brief:

Table Exports

If you are the kind of investor who likes getting their hands dirty with data, you'll be delighted to know we provide download options for all the fundamental and technical data we publish in tables around the site. We provide the option to export both to the Excel format and as CSVs. CSVs are importable to almost all spreadsheet programs and can be manipulated more easily as they are text files.

This feature is currently available for the data tables in both Folios and for Screens. You can export all positions in a Folio and up to 50 stocks from a Screen. You'll find the Download button at the bottom right of the table on these pages. To get the data you need, make sure you have Customised the Columns in your Table Display first.


NB - Please note we haven't yet extended this feature to your Portfolio Transactions - but this should be available in the next fortnight.

Print Current & Historical StockReports

When you are researching a stock it's extremely helpful to be able to look at the historical statistics. While the default, published web StockReports provide all the very latest information known about a company, it’s also possible to leap back in time and view historical PDF StockReports using our print options.

To view a historical StockReport, simply:

  1. Click the 'PRINT' button towards the top of the StockReport just under the StockRanks.
  2. You'll see a dropdown menu offering historical StockReports on a weekly basis going back in time multiple years.
  3. Click the date you wish to view. The PDF in a new tab in your browser.
  4. You can view, save or print as you wish.


"What's New" Section

When I mentioned we'd be making regular incremental releases, many of you asked for a central place where you could follow the development. We've listened and added a "What's New" area for monitoring Product Updates. We've located this in the "Learn" area in the sidebar. You'll see a new yellow block which, when clicked, takes you through to a familiar discussion stream. You will only find 2 updates in there at the moment, but we'll be adding to it fortnightly.


Other Improvements

Here are a few of the other improvements we've made recently:

  • We've added Social Signup to the site. New members can register with their Google and Facebook identity credentials, and if you use the same email on either of those services as you are using at Stockopedia you can use these as a faster login preference.
  • We were a little surprised at how quickly the new site was adopted by the community after my first blog post - these things go viral quickly so the site was a bit choked up at times. We've increased the speed & performance of the new site considerably by adding further resources.  There's a lot more to come in this area in coming weeks.

Bug fixes

Here's a list of some of the most important bugs we've squashed lately:

  • Screener - Ranking Rules now return precise results in the Screener and the Country picker doesn't list "Europe" as a country ;-)
  • Folios - sorting on text based columns like sector and industry added. The today's gain value has been improved and problems with deposits and edge case valuations ironed out.
  • StockReports - we fixed an issue where data was caching temporarily when clicking between StockReports and Australian and New Zealand stocks have had missing data added and estimates corrected.
  • Charts - weekend dates no longer appear in daily charts. moving average labels don't stack vertically now.
  • Synchronisation Improved - we've had a number of issues where activity in the old and new site weren't quite synchronising. These have been ironed out. e.g. across 'unread' counts in the discussion area and bid/last price valuations in portfolios.

What's next?

In the next development cycle we're scheduling a range of portfolio and community improvements - you can stay up to date with what's pending on our near term Product Roadmap. Over the coming months you'll be seeing us add all kinds of new improvements to the site which will take the data and feature set to uncharted territory. It's the total focus of our development efforts - if you are yet to take a look, why not switch over and start to get familiar today.