10y DPS Decrease Count

The 10 Year DPS Decrease Count shows the number of times that the Dividend per Share has been decreased during the last ten financial years.

Stockopedia explains DPS Decreases

Consistent dividend payments indicate a company with a certain level of financial stability. If companies are forced to decrease their dividend payments then this may be a sign of financial instability and decline.

The maximum value for this ratio is 9 since we use the 10th year DPS as the base value for testing.

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The 5 highest DPS Decreases Stocks in the Market

TickerNameDPS DecreasesStockRank™
TSE:FAPabrdn Asia-Pacific Income Fund VCC9.0063
NYQ:DXDynex Capital8.0055
NYQ:AAICArlington Asset Investment7.0064
PNK:CHKRChesapeake Granite Wash Trust7.0062
NYQ:EARNEllington Residential Mortgage REIT7.0060