Dividend per Share

Dividend per Share is the amount amount of dividend payment that a shareholder receives for each share held. It can be calculated by taking the total amount of dividends paid and dividing it by the total shares outstanding. This uses the TTM dividend as the dividend figure.

Stockopedia explains DPS

The DPS figure shows how much, in absolute terms, you expect to receive for each share you hold in a given company. For example, if I held stock of a company with a DPS figure of £1, then I would expect to received £1 for the year for each share I held in the company. For more information on how we calculate the TTM Dividend per Share, please refer to this help page.

Simplistically, the higher the number the better as you will receive more cash each year for each share you hold. However, do note that it is not always optima for a company to pay out as many dividends as possible. If the company management team believe they have excellent growth opportunities in their business, and that the best return can be had by spending money on investments, then it may be best for a company not to pay out dividends and instead to invest the cash for capital growth.

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The 5 highest DPS Stocks in the Market

KOSDAQ:372170Yunsung F&C Co150000.0032
KRX:010130Korea Zinc30000.0056
TYO:8976Daiwa Office Investment27400.0057
TYO:8952Japan Real Estate Investment23667.0054
TYO:8951Nippon Building Fund23000.0035