Average Volume

The 10 Day Average Volume is the daily average of the cumulative trading volume during the last ten days.

Stockopedia explains Avg Volume

Large institutional funds cannot trade in and out of a stock without leaving their footprints, and learning to read the signs in daily and weekly volume is important. If current volumes are higher than previous volumes while price is increasing, it may be a sign of fund accumulation

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The 5 highest Avg Volume Stocks in the Market

TickerNameAvg VolumeStockRank™
LON:MSMNMosman Oil and Gas829,051,02625
LON:PREMPremier African Minerals305,926,0995
LON:HE1Helium One Global261,309,76113
LON:SNDASunda Energy166,099,62615
LON:LLOYLloyds Banking115,335,37483

Variants of Avg Volume