Recent Volume Surge

This 10 Day to 3 Month Volume Ratio is a proprietary volume metric that aims to assess the recent volume trend. It compares the average daily volume over the last 10 trading days with the average daily volume over the last 3 months and is expressed as a percentage.

Stockopedia explains 10d / 3m Volume

This is calculated as (the 10 day average volume divided by the 3 month average volume) minus 1 * 100, i.e. the ratio will be negative to the extent that the average daily volume over the last 3 months exceeds the average over the last 10 days.

Tape Readers have long insisted that Technical Analysis is ultimately the analysis of price and volume movements. Increasing volumes can show institutional demand for a stock is increasing and should be watched carefully.

The big institutional funds cannot trade in and out of a stock without leaving their footprints, and learning to read the signs in daily and weekly volume is important. If current volumes are higher than previous volumes while price is increasing, it may be a sign of fund accumulation hence the indicator flashes green.

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The 5 highest 10d / 3m Volume Stocks in the Market

TickerName10d / 3m VolumeStockRank™
LON:CHSSWorld Chess778%5
LON:1SNFirst Tin669%36
LON:PCAPalace Capital576%70
LON:ACGACG Acquisition503%3
LON:BILNBillington Holdings445%98

Variants of 10d / 3m Volume