Dividend per share CAGR

The Dividend per Share Compound Annual Growth Rate, or CAGR, measures the rate of growth in Dividends per Share. It is calculated as the Compound Annual Growth Rate in Dividends Per Share over a given time period. This version is calculated using the last 10 years worth of data..

Stockopedia explains DPS CAGR

Consistent dividend payments indicate a company with a certain level of financial stability. If companies are able to frequently increase their dividend payments then this may be a sign of financial stability and growth.

For more detail on how we calculate compound annual growth rates (CAGRs), please refer to this help article.

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The 5 highest DPS CAGR Stocks in the Market

TickerNameDPS CAGRStockRank™
KRX:006390Hanil Hyundai Cement Co345.0359
TYO:4642Original Engineering Consultants Co214.7395
TYO:3772Wealth Management202.3827
NSI:SAFARISafari Industries (INDIA)172.7058