EBITDA Margin is used in determining how profitable a company or business is with regard to operations. It is calculated as EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax and depreciation) divided by Revenue. This is measured on a TTM basis.

Stockopedia explains EBITDA Mgn

EBITDA margin measures the extent to which cash operating expenses use up revenue. Because EBITDA excludes depreciation and amortisation, EBITDA margin arguably provides a cleaner view of a company's core profitability.

This is measured on a TTM basis.

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The 5 highest EBITDA Mgn Stocks in the Market

TickerNameEBITDA MgnStockRank™
NAQ:PLSEPulse Biosciences429077.7860
ASX:CELChallenger Gold52262.6336
WAR:SCPScope Fluidics SA42724.9737
OSL:OTECOtello ASA20700.0062