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6209 NPR-Riken Cashflow Statement

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Annual cashflow statement for NPR-Riken, fiscal year end - March 31st, JPY millions except per share, conversion factor applied.

March 31st
Period Length:12 M
Net Income/Starting Line29,753
Non-Cash Items-20,318
Unusual Items
Equity in Net Earnings/Losses
Other Non-Cash Items
Changes in Working Capital7,507
Change in Accounts Receivable
Change in Inventories
Change in Other Assets
Change in Accounts Payable
Change in Other Liabilities
Other Operating Cash Flow
Cash from Operating Activities23,705
Capital Expenditures-6,091
Purchase of Fixed Assets
Purchase / Acquisition of Intangibles
Other Investing Cash Flow Items-7,457
Sale of Fixed Assets
Sale/Maturity of Investment
Change in Net Investments
Purchase of Investments
Other Investing Cash Flow
Cash from Investing Activities-13,548
Financing Cash Flow Items-2,855
Other Financing Cash Flow
Total Cash Dividends Paid
Net Issuance / Retirement of Stock
Net Issuance / Retirement of Debt
Cash from Financing Activities-8,615
Foreign Exchange Effects
Beginning Cash Balance
Ending Cash Balance
Net Change in Cash2,055