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industry stock screener Professional grade data

We go to great lengths to ensure our financial and technical data is the most current and accurate information possible.

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Get complete clarity with flexible viewing options that let you to see the information that is important to you.

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Stock screens save you time that can be better spent researching fewer stocks that meet your criteria.

Trusted by both Private Investors and Wealth Managers

I run a $100M+ portfolio and a significant part of my investment strategy is based a proprietary momentum-based model I have developed. I use the Stockopedia momentum stock screens to data mine in conjunction with my own data analysis to select investments. My strategy has been very successful - beating the S&P 500 annually. I'm not aware of another commercially available product that provides the data I require to implement my strategy.

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Harris Willner
CEO, TTP Investments
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Find great shares fast with our pre-programmed screening filters.

Whether you are looking for value, momentum or income opportunities we give you more than 65 pre-programmed "GuruScreens" to kick start your search. We've curated the stock screener criteria of the greatest investment experts of all time saving you time and hassle in your hunt for winning investments.

Customise stock screens with over 350 timely financial ratios.

Powered by our proprietary institutional grade financial database, you can sift, sort and screen the market using hundreds of metrics. The data set includes the powerful StockRanks™ which assess the Quality, Value and Momentum of any share instantly. Ratios can be used on their own or combined to give you granular control over the stocks that are uncovered.

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“I can quickly access a share pool that meets my criteria.”
Chris Brooks
“It saves so much time; this analysis can be done so quickly.”
Peter Oughtibridge
"I can literally decide in a few minutes whether I want to invest in it or not."
Nick King

Your stock screener saves me hours and hours of time finding out about the fundamentals of US and UK stocks. The depth of information on tap is impressive and the functionality, flexibility and the ease of use of the screener to let me analyse this information in the way I want is a godsend.

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Stephen Hoad
Trader, Educator & CEO The Stop Hunter
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Find the cheapest, strongest and best stocks in every sector.

Build rules to compare stocks against their sector and industry ranks and averages. Sort sectors by any data point using simple fields like Yield and P/E to complex composite data points like the Piotroski F Score or Altman Z-Score to assess financial health.

Drill down into specific market segments, sectors and indices.

Filter for specific industries to plug diversification gaps in your portfolio, or restrict your search to specific exchanges or indices to find tax efficient investments. Our simple to use advanced filters provide unparalleled slicing and dicing of stock markets.

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Analyse qualifying stocks your way through customisable views.

We help you drill deeper into the financial health of your shortlist with customisable data views. Tables can be edited to view any ratio in our database so you can view every company alongside the metrics you care about. At a glance you can isolate the best shares in the list. If numbers and ratios just aren’t your thing, results can be visualised through charts to help you spot trends and quickly identify opportunities.

Stock picking is a hobby for me and I learnt about stock screening from reading Benjamin Graham’s books. I don’t think there is a better website out there for stock screening than Stockopedia.

Sebastian Maciocia
Stockopedia Member
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Extend your opportunity set by searching abroad.

Great investors use strict criteria, but strict criteria can exclude so many shares in an individual market that you may be left with no candidate stocks. Stockopedia provides pan-global financial market database which opens up immense opportunity to even the strictest of investors. Any country or region can be added to expand your screening universe.

Learn what's working through performance histories.

Quickly compare the performance of different strategies. With the historic performance of each Guru strategy clearly displayed, you can see what investment styles work and what does not under different market conditions.

Find fresh candidate stocks every day before the market opens

Our database updates daily uncovering fresh ideas for every stock screen before the market opens. This provides instant access to new opportunities.

Used for all types of investment strategies

Here's what you can expect from Stockopedia

Stock Screening is just the tip of the iceberg, our deep data insights help you dig into the detail and see how your investments work as a whole.

Detailed, data driven StockReports
Powerful portfolio analytics
Checklists to validate a stock's fundamentals
Technical Charts
StockRanks that indicate a stock’s Quality, Value and Momentum
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Stockopedia has always been miles ahead in its presentation of data and its carefully selected use of stock screens to identify great stocks.

David Stevenson

One of the advantages of using a stock screening service like Stockopedia is helps investors avoid getting caught in the traps that even the biggest household name dividend shares can lay.

Simon Lambert
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