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Today's report covers:

Mello London

Let me remind you once again that Mello London is coming up next week, on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Many companies which get covered in this report will be there, e.g. Creightons (LON:CRL), PCF (LON:PCF), Franchise Brands (LON:FRAN), UP Global Sourcing Holdings (LON:UPGS), Ideagen (LON:IDEA). And for the first time, there will be a presentation by IG Group (LON:IGG). (Disclosure: I'm long CRL, PCF, IGG!).

I'll be speaking three times at the event (don't know why I do this to myself!):

  • Tuesday at 11.30, Mello Theatre - Small Cap Value Report for Stockopedia
  • Tuesday at 14.00, PrimaryBid Room - "IFRS 16, what it means and how to use it!"
  • Wednesday at 16.50, Allenby Room - "Crash-proof: Investment strategies for recessions & bear markets" for Cube.Investments.

Mello conferences are terrific networking opportunities and are unique in the calendar of investor events. I'm sure many of you are already planning to be there, but perhaps this reminder will help to nudge one or two more people to go!

This has been a big year for movies - with Once upon a Time in Hollywood by Tarantino and The Joker already. Tonight, I'll be there for the opening night of The Irishman.

It's reportedly 3 hours and 30 minutes long - I already feel bad for anyone who orders a large Coke with their popcorn.

Final list:

Innovaderma (LON:IDP)

  • Share price: 63p (-1%)
  • No. of shares: 14.5 million
  • Market cap: £9 million

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